Remedy on life after Xbox exclusivity

Sam Lake of Remedy was recently interviewed by and on this occasion he spoke, among other things, the concept of Alan Wake 2 and the birth of Quantum Break, a title released last year on Xbox One and PC.

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XXanderXX2205d ago

Good for them , all this does is makes their games less of a priority to own or buy ....

Kurisu2205d ago

Yeah, because all multiplatform games are absolute rubbish /s

If anything they have the opportunity to prove themselves to a wider audience than ever before. This is a good move for Remedy.

XXanderXX2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

That was my take on the matter , as for everyone else that's​ up to them . Best part about being a consumer.

As for the rubbish part a majority are plain shit and very repetitive , copy & paste at best ..

gamer78042205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

I don't care about exclusivity but what does worry me is it seems they are shifting away from single player narrative and gameplay driven experiences. If its just another multiplayer shooter or a game thats not narrative driven i'm not very interested.

Ricegum2205d ago

Bitter Microsoft fans because they lost ANOTHER one of their exclusive studios to Sony. Is there really any reason to own an Xbox at this point? Don't be a fanboy, this is a valid question. You're going to be holding out for an expensive new console just for extra teraflops, but no exclusives? Come on.

mcstorm2205d ago

@Unreal01 depends what games you are into. For me I want Forza 7, Crackdown & sea of thieves so that's my reason for having an xbox, I was not aware of Remedy being picked up by Sony?

Death2205d ago


1. Remedy is and has always been an independent Studio.
2. Microsoft didn't lose them to Sony because of number 1.

candystop2205d ago

"You're going to be holding out for an expensive new console just for extra teraflops, but no exclusives? "

What a silly comment! Of course Xbox fans are holding out for more than just teraflops lol.

x_xavier_x2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )


"Bitter Microsoft fans because they lost ANOTHER one of their exclusive studios to Sony...Don't be a fanboy"

YOU have the gall to call others "fanboy" after THAT statement? Do you even listen to yourself?

TheCommentator2205d ago

@ Unreal

Stay on topic and quit trolling. How did it make you feel when Insomniac made the Xbox exclusive Sunset Overdrive? Hell, I bet you even dogged Remedy for making "crap games" like Alan Wake and Quantum Break... now that they are making multiplatform games you care? How thoughtful of you! /s

darthv722204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

Remedy was making multiplat games before they signed on to make alan wake on 360. So them making multiplat games now after QB is nothing surprising. MS had them make two releases (and a spin off for alan wake) and their contract was up.

That's business just like Insomniac was tasked with making a game for MS and they did. No harm no foul that after that they made a game for gamestop (song of the deep) and now they are making a game for sony. Insomniac is doing jobs that they get signed on for just like any 3rd party developer.

LordJamar2204d ago

so you agree all exclusive platform should be destroyed and should be released on all platforms

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Aenea2205d ago

Then you don't have many games then huh? Seeing there aren't many exclusives on Xbox after all....

XXanderXX2205d ago

Just like everyone else , I buy what I like or interest me .
As to exclusive they will come .

Nitrowolf22205d ago


Isn't that statement a bit contradicting then because if you didn't care about exclusives then why does Dom going from making just Microsoft Idols to make a multi Platte matter and makes it a priority for you to not buy their games?

You state that you buy games you're interested in yet you haven't seen their next title but already your deciding whether to buy it or not because of this

yeahright22205d ago

Are you sure xander? be cause it seems more like you buy what MS tells you to buy. You claim most multiplats are rubbish, you say that you won't buy remedy games anymore because they went multiplat, all this would suggest that you like exclusives but xbox is very limited in that regard compared to playstation, nintendo or PC. Now you're grasping on to that years old hope that the exclusives "will come".
putting all that together, it doesn't sound like you buy what you like, it sounds more like you buy whatever benefits Xbox. Either that or its a HUGE coincidence that you just happen to only like xbox exclusives and don't care for hardly anything else.

XanderZane2205d ago

I have over 180 games on my XBox One. Some of them are exclusives (Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive, Forza 6, FH2, Rare Replay, Dance Central 4, D4, Crimson Dragon, etc...) . Maybe you haven't been keeping up on current events, but more XB1/Scorpio exclusives are coming. Games the won't be on the PC.

"We’re gonna have games only released on the PC. We’re gonna have games only released on console. And PC gaming is critically important to the company.”

So keep believing that there won't be more exclusives.

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AmUnRa2205d ago

Xander: " a majority are plain shit and very repetititive, copy and past at best."

O just like Forza, Halo and Gears?? That right, does games are repetitive, copy and past at best😋

Liqu1d2205d ago

Uncharted is done after Lost Legacy, you haven't seen TLoU2 gameplay and it only the second game in the franchise, the new GoW is vastly different from past installments. The same things can't be said about Halo, Forza, Gears.

yeahright22205d ago

Except you were saying that about third party titles vs xbox first and second. not vs Sony first party.

XXanderXX2205d ago

@unreal01 not bitter just priority changed like status states 1st & 2nd buys 3rd party software are rentals . As to why buy Xbox cause am a fan of the brand and lime what they offer me as a consumer.

As to why hold out for a Scorpio cause it will look awesome next to my Xbox one S and switch and like the product.

XXanderXX2205d ago

@Nitrowolf yes I buy what I like and interest me but being first party or second party escalates the interest way more than usual.

yeahright22205d ago

That may be the single most fanboy statement I've ever read on this site. You're way more interested in a game based solely on Playstation and Nintendo gamers not being able to play it?

rainslacker2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

That's a completely idiotic view of how to support the games you like. I mean, if you want to rent, then fine, but to say that all 3rd party games are rentals, while only 1st party is worthy of purchase makes absolutely no sense.

What exactly is so great about 1st party that it warrants this kind of admiration over 3rd party? There are plenty of great 3rd party games which give even the best 1st party games a run for their money.

Even the most rampant fan boys from any console don't sit around acting like they buy every exclusive on the system. They may include it in lists, but if you pay attention, they aren't hyped for every game, and I know when it comes to actually buying games, they do not just purchase every exclusive. I don't know a single Sony fan or fan boy that will say they buy every Sony exclusive(even if only 1st party exclusive) because there is no way that every one, or even a majority of those games would appeal to all of them.

Recognizing quality even if it doesn't appeal to you is one thing, but buying only 1st party in the way you say is not supporting the console, it's blind consumerism, and if what you say is true, you've just given people around here...even the Xbox fans....even more reasons to not pay attention to you.

I can't even believe you try to act like a gamer with your attitudes, and I can't see why any rational Xbox fan would even think what you're saying is worthy of any respect.

What you're basically admitting to is being a consumer akin to those Apple hipsters who have to get every new thing that Apple puts in front of them.

Neonridr2205d ago

on the contrary, now more people can enjoy their titles.

Liqu1d2205d ago

Xander showcasing his saltiness again.

jznrpg2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

How, Xbox has 3 games coming out that everyone keeps repeating for years. Sea of thieves , cuphead and crackdown. Xbox needs all the games it can get even if you diehards are happy with few games

MasterCornholio2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

If Remedy tries to make a sequel to Alan Wake and the game ends up being good people should buy the game whether multiplat or exclusive.

I don't believe it's a bad thing that Remedy isn't making exclusives for Microsoft anymore. They are an independent 3rd party studio so they can go multiplatform if they want. The same goes for other developers like Insomniac and Quantum Dreams.

MasterCornholio2205d ago


It's not bad for gamers.

rainslacker2204d ago

I'd buy their games if they're something akin to AW or QB. While QB wasn't as good as I had hoped, I do think they make games that I like. So long as they continue with that, and don't decide to do some small indie project which doesn't interest me then I'll play it if I have the means. Console preference really has no part if I want to play a game, and I won't neglect playing a game just because it's on a single console, or multiple ones.

Perjoss2205d ago

It's because of knobheads like you that I use N4G way less these days

BIGBOSS082204d ago

What is it with you xbox fanboys and the name xander? I've come across so many xbox fanboys with that name.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2204d ago

Actually Remedy will probably get a chance to make the kind of games they want to make without Microsoft suits standing over their shoulders.

IamTylerDurden12204d ago

I think the failure of Quantum Break is the main reason Microsoft and Remedy are done dancing.

Kingcorey132204d ago

I actually kind of understand what you mean... I mean I do buy more PlayStation exclusives then 3rd party games and I get more excited for most exclusives but I wouldn't go so far as to say I wouldn't buy a 3rd party game tho.

2204d ago
rainslacker2204d ago

Their games would likely sell better on PS to be honest. There is a pretty big fan base of the kinds of games they're known for on the system. If Quantic Dream can sell millions of copies of their games on the system, then i'm sure remedy can too.

I don't know why they don't do better on PC though. There is a pretty big base for their kind of games too. While they do decent, it seems they never spark a fire the way they should given the hype that surrounds them. QB I can understand due to the idiocy of the way they handled the cut scenes, but Alan Wake shouldn't have been a game that sold well over the long term, and given the marketing and hype around it, it should have been much more popular.

But to respond more directly to your comment, if their games are less of a priority because they're now multi-plat, aren't you just saying their games were not much of a priority before, and that they only reason they were hyped was because they were exclusive to Xbox? Isn't that kind of saying that you just hype of exclusives because they're exclusives, and not because they're quality titles?

I think it does.....which means whenever you talk about the awesomeness of some Xbox exclusive in the future, I can link to this comment to show that you only think that because it's exclusive, and that is the predominate way you rate games....thus making your opinion on the quality of a game useless.

MagicBeanz2204d ago

If you're buying games solely based on exclusivity you're doing it wrong.

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pyroxxx2205d ago

Suits them fine,.. Never understood Remedy making exclusives for xbox,.. Even exclusivity for PlayStation is sometimes questionable, even though they control 70% of marketshare,.. but giving your games to xbox as a third party is pretty dumb.

BigWan782205d ago

remedy doesn't "give to xbox"... microsoft cuts a pretty big check for remedy's services...

Death2205d ago

You still living in the 90's? The WiiU, Switch and PC exist. Not to mention your stats have Xbox One under 20 million for the 4th year in a row. The last number we seen was 15 million in October 2015. I think it's safe to assume they sold a couple more since then.

MasterCornholio2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

The whole TV thing with Quantum Break just seemed really off in a Remedy game. Anyways I'm glad that they still own Alan Wake so hopefully we can see a sequel in the future.

Ricegum2205d ago

It's nice to know a potential Alan Wake 2 would be coming to PS4 now though.

Legion212205d ago

I don't get why most disliked the TV portion. I personally really enjoyed, wasn't the greatest show obviously. But I didn't think it took away from the game personally

MasterCornholio2205d ago

Some people like watching TV and others don't want to see it mixed into a video game. That's what I got from the reviews of Quantum Break.

rainslacker2204d ago

I'm all for cutscenes to tell a story. I grew up with it. But taking a person out of the game for 22 odd minutes is just too long. A supplemental TV show would have been alright, but not one integrated into the game itself.

Games are meant to be interactive. There is room for those cutscene breaks, and the occasional long one can be OK if it's engaging, but as a primary way to tell a story within a game, it just doesn't work. I also felt the TV show in the game wasn't really all that interesting, nor did it have a story that couldn't be told better through shorter cut scenes that were scattered at appropriate times throughout the game.

DillyDilly2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

They will be begging somebody for money as its not a big developer

XXanderXX2205d ago

Or go belly up , just a matter of which happens first Lol