Daily Joystick: LittleBigPlanet Beta impressions

Oh where to begin? What to discuss first?

Well folks, LittleBigPlanet, one of the most sought after games for the PS3, now has its own beta and I'm lucky enough to be apart of it and it is an experience that will undoubtedly lead to a purchase. Basically, if you know anyone that is looking for a game with a cute and hilarious personality and they are referred to get Viva Pinata, slap that douche in the face and promptly direct that person to the nearest copy of LittleBigPlanet. It is by far one of the most original games in a long, long time. It's overflowing with personality and content and is going to be what saves the Playstation Network from Xbox Live. This could be the start of a multiplayer revolution for Sony.

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EastCoastSB3724d ago

I'm getting desperate. lol

tmanmushroom3724d ago

Everyone wants a beta code, cus the game looks so good!

TheDude2dot03724d ago

Chill dude. The game comes out in less than a month.