Inside Bungie

Does it take military discipline or gamer enthusiasm to make an Edge 10/10? UK game magazine Edge talks to Bungie's finest about working inside Microsoft and playing beyond Halo...

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nice_cuppa4287d ago

its in my hand..i have a subscription ?

there are jobs available to work on heavenly sword and banjo 3 in the back.

Gamer134287d ago (Edited 4287d ago )

Dam i wish i was working in halo department - i would leak alot of ingame images.

candystop4287d ago

Well I just hope when it comes to crunch time that these guys really get to make the game that they've set out to make in that short period of time! Also I wonder if there will be time to make another Halo game after this one for the 360 or will they have one ready for the launch of xbox3! This year is just going to be crazy with all the movies coming out and then all the games for 360 and PS3!

calderra4287d ago

Bungie always has job openings for qualified people.