Top 20 Most Influential things to happen to the Video Game Industry

This is the Top 20 Most Influential Things to happen to the Video Game Industry. This is not just limited to games, but covers technology related to gaming, events, business practices of game developers, gaming culture, and everything else that influenced the entire industry. This Top 20 list reflects the entire Video Game Industry as a whole. Whether you're a casual or hardcore gamer, professional gamer, game designer, or game shop owner you are affected by almost all of these (if not all), even if you've never heard of any of these before.

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Smacktard3673d ago

There's already something like it available. It's called Garry's Mod.

TheColbertinator3673d ago

I think the introduction of the analog stick on the N64 controller was the most important thing in videogames.3D gaming was in a rut until it came up.Finally I consider the online network created by SEGA known as SEGAnet on the Dreamcast to be the builder of the console online foundation.

RoidRage3673d ago

Level editors have never revolutionized the industry. There is a reason people are paid to make games, and the people who play games are not.

Peter Griffin3673d ago

Annoucement of Sony's new Playstation 3 unit

Montrealien3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

lol, Mega Man powered up says hi! Little big planet is great, but Mega Man powered up on the PSP deserves as much prop, they pretty much do the same thing, minus the physics and the cuteness of course.

It's a great list and I really love the props to "WASD" It really was something else for me back in the day. Getting used to this new way of playing games on quake was a sign of things to come, the FPS was born, but holding the" mouse look" button sucked for me.

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IAm1Bearcat3673d ago

^^^^^^ thats a pretty big statement seeing as the game isnt out.

im not saying it WONT be true, but it's these types of sayings that when said by crazy people (not saying you are, but lets say someone who is said it) makes them believe no matter how sh*tty the final product may be, they still think it's great.

this is how things get hyped and then falter or have people who get disappointed because it didnt live up to their high expectations.

at least wait until it's out to crown LBP the greatest thing in the world please.

jofra013673d ago

What you say is true many, including Sony, are already jumping to conclusions this game will be the greatest game ever.

I must admit though I know next to nothing about the game except all the hype I see for it.

sloth33953673d ago

They didnt include Nintendo when if it wasnt for them there probably wouldnt be any game systems around since it was all going down hill until they released the NES

Pebz3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

... and so they included the NES (#5) in the list for the exact reason you stated. There is no corporation listed, just specific things.

jofra013673d ago

Nintendo established online first though but not to the extent SEGA did, Nintendo's was SNES only in Japan and to download things

Harry1903673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

I forgot the name of the system and it was not technically 'downloading' but there was one which used cassettes and during Week -Ends,radio stations would air something that could be recorded and used on the system. I'm pretty sure that there was something like that once.

infekt3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

@harry190: The Commodore 64? Now thats was a classic (Along with the Amiga). But overall, a fairly good list. Now let me reminisce.

Freezingduck3673d ago

How it influenced the industry: People learned to store a fire extinguisher in their home

Cajun Chicken3673d ago

The Commodore Amiga?

Seriously? WHERE?

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