TechGage: Logitech Illuminated Keyboard Review

TechGage Writes:

"I'm also not sure if I really like the clear plastic bit that borders the keyboard. If it were modular or removable in some way, I'd be much happier. Lastly, the rubber coating on the wrist-rest, while comfortable, worries me. It feels great right now, but seems like the kind of coating that will "rub-off" after a while, and start to flake or peel. And because it's anti-slip, it's difficult to get any dust off with a swipe of the hand or cloth.

Aside from all that, I think the Logitech Illuminated Keyboard is an absolutely fantastic peripheral. It has everything I like in a keyboard - functionality, comfort, and looks. The backlighting on the keys is as good as I've ever seen. Although durability may seem like an issue, a careful user needn't fret.

I'd love to see a wireless version of this keyboard come along, but as long as you're not trying to use your computer from across the room, I don't see the lack of a wireless interface as a problem. The Logitech Illuminated Keyboard is definitely a worthy addition to your desktop, and will keep you and your eyes comfortable for hours at a time."

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