30° - Burned By Burnout: Trophy Patch Goes Live

As most have heard by now, Criterion lied and your game saves died to pay the price. It was previously believed that the now released Burnout Trophy Patch would be retroactive, leading to an onslaught of trophies upon first play of Paradise after the update. As of 9/25, we know that Criterion "had difficulties" and the trophies that we were promised would nto be coming unless game saves were deleted

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TheWickedOne4815d ago

yeah it sucks a bit, but it's one game that doesn't get old.

pricklypete4815d ago

They given so many freebies whats the point.

I guess the records weren't bound like Warhawks, Even then warhawk you only could get the trophies involving rankings.

at least they added the trophies.

I'm lookingat you COD4, RfOM, Ratchet and Clank, GTA4 and numerous more

pwnsause4815d ago

i got angry, but i quickly got over it. this game doesnt dissapoint anyway.

Solbadguy4814d ago

the game over again with day/night cycles is like a whole new game.