Introducing "Mixer"

by Matt Salsamendi:
Hello! I’m Matt, one of the co-founders of Mixer and engineering lead on the platform at Microsoft. Huge welcome to all of you new visitors who are checking out Mixer today for the very first time. We think we have something pretty special here, and are excited to share.

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christocolus2314d ago

The new features sound really good.

"Xbox E3 will be streamed in 4K on there"



I guess I'll be watching on Beam then.

Gazondaily2314d ago

Such a SICK feature. I use this a lot now. Twitch sucks in comparison. I hope it gets the engagement it deserves

gangsta_red2314d ago

Going to have to jump on this and get an Injustice 2 session going.

Gazondaily2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

For sho

TheCommentator2314d ago

I'm waiting for the announcement that Mixer will allow for remote play like Sony has for the PS4. It only seems logical that realtime streaming which allows other players to interact with the broadcaster could be used in this way too.

meka26112313d ago

I would agree, but an RDP connection is a little different from a stream, but both along the same lines in a way. Would definitely be cool to use an RDP session between xboxes.

GamerSciz2314d ago

So Mixer, formerly Beam, is Microsoft's attempt to compete with Twitch? I mean, Twitch is king when it comes to streaming. Very few people seem to use Youtube Gaming in comparison to Twitch. It'll be interesting to see if this really takes off.

meka26112313d ago

While I agree, I think that if it gets noticed mixer has the potential to be bigger. Mostly from very little delay and also that it's way more interactive with your audience than twitch. We shall have to see where it goes.

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