KDDI to launch 1Gbps fiber-optic service in Oct

Japan Today reports:

"KDDI Corp will launch a fiber-optic communications service with upload and download speeds each of up to one gigabit per second on Oct 1. The new service will target people living in single-family homes and low-rise apartment buildings. The traffic speeds will be the fastest in eastern Japan, up drastically from the current 100 megabits per second."

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riddlesticks3725d ago

WOW... why cant we have those speeds in Europe or the US... i wish i lived in japan =[

LoydX-mas3725d ago

But, I would have to get a second(or third) job to afford the monthly charges from Comcast!:)

Panthers3725d ago

Right now they have 100MBS. That is so much better than my TWC connection.

tatotiburon3725d ago

Digital Distribution, starting at the world

lsujester3725d ago

Yeah, you tell US ISP's that and they'll show the huge bills you're going to have.

Close_Second3725d ago

I remember when 56k modems cost several hundred dollars and now the basically give them away. My broadband connection use to cost $100p/m for 1Gb now its $49.95, 6 times faster (I get 6.5Mbps) and comes with 6Gb capacity. I bump it up to 16Gb p/m for an extra $10.

I expect it will be an ever better deal by this time 2010.

Digital Distribution is the future as it will not only mean complete and utter control of DRM for distributors but because it's also more environmentally friendly. Lets face it, technology won't be what holds back digital distribution in the future. Once it becomes affordable to the masses then it will do to video distribution what it has to music distribution.

People use to say that I'll never download music as I prefer to own the CD. Well, I bet their kids are not saying that.

poindat3725d ago

F*cking U.S. companies, see how far Japan has gotten while we sit back in the stone age handing you money? We still have people on dial up for Christ's sale, and Japan is getting blazing fast fiber optics speeds, probably at the same price of what we pay for DSL here in the U.S.

LoydX-mas3725d ago

The cost alone of running these lines must be a fraction of what it would be here due to this fact:

DeadlyFire3725d ago

This service is roughly at $56 dollars per month for 1 Gbps. I want to live in Japan now. USD is about .94 something to Yen so its about $1 per 1 thousand Yen. Don't believe me look it up. They are paying the same price people in US pay for 10 Mbps service. My service is $40 a month and I pay for 3 Mbps service. What a ripoff.

KDDI will charge 5,985 yen in basic monthly fees for Internet and telephone services, down 1,155 yen from the current price, if a user subscribes for two consecutive years.

Crazywhitie3725d ago

Hells Ya, Lets see japan get 100mbs in Oct.. That means U.S.A will have it in about 2015 BOOYAAA....

riddlesticks3725d ago

sorry to break it to you but they are getting 1000mbs in Octber...

not 100mbs

DeadlyFire3725d ago

not 2030. 2050 more like it at its current Pace. By 2030 we might see 100 Mbps in some places, but not everywhere in the US. I see 5 and 10 Mbps service in the next 2-3 years expanding and in another 2-3 years I see 15 20 and 30 Mbps emerge in some areas. It will take few more years to reach me though around 2015-2020 I assume. Then 50 75 Mbps starts and goes on in another couple of years before thats available everywhere. Meanwhile in Japan they have 20 or 30 Gbps by then if not 100 Gbps.

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The story is too old to be commented.