Wonder Woman Movie Event Will Bring New Gear and Multiverse to Injustice 2

NetherRealm is celebrating the upcoming Wonder Woman movie with an Injustice 2 event that will bring her gear from the movie to the game.

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dp277407514d ago

I was hoping they would do this for the base game not just mobile. Keeps the game fresh with adding new gear and character skins

BenjaMan64514d ago

From what I read, this is for the IJ2 console game. For mobile there's something else.

"...As for Injustice fans who are still playing the mobile game, NetherRealm will be rolling out a gift for you as well. A special Wonder Woman event will kick off on May 30 for Injustice 2 Mobile..."

dp277407513d ago

@ Smileman64
Yea I was saying it as i was hoping hey would and glad they are but thanks for taking the time and helping me make it a little clearer.

514d ago