Nintendo DS kicking ass down under

Aussie-Nintendo has put together some nice looking charts to show just how well the Nintendo DS is doing in Australia. By taking a look at the chart below, you can see that Australians are clearly enjoying what Nintendo has to offer with the DS. Reports coming in are showing that the DS Lite is selling like crazy in Australia as well…can anything stop the DS?!

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MoonDust5098d ago (Edited 5098d ago )

Ended up returning it and got my DS back. IMHO the DS is just so much better.

OutLaw5098d ago

Just got my first one (DS lite) and I have to say I'm really enjoying it. I'm on my third PSP. Not because it broke. Just because I wasn't to sure if it was worth having or not. But if they come out with a newer model of the PSP I would have to pass on it.

schnodder5098d ago

had a psp for 5 month. 13 games - nice graphics but sooo boring.

MoonDust5098d ago

I thought it would be fun, it was cool but not as fun as the DS is.

shotty5098d ago

had my psp since launch and have 2 games. The games are boring, it makes no sense plaing NFS mostwanted on the psp when it plays 10x better on my xbox 360 plus with online and rumble.

Schmitty075098d ago

Very dissapointed with it. I haven't bought a game for it since this time last year. I'm selling it to my friend for $150 + games, and will use that money to buy a DS Lite.