PI: Kirby Super Star Ultra Review

PI Writes:

"Ultra's assorted game segments each put their own twist on the Kirby platforming idea (calling them minigames would be selling them short). In the starter level, Spring Breeze, for example, you'll acclimate to the mechanics of absorbing enemy powers and playing with your co-op buddy (either A.I.-controlled or a second player with a separate game cart -- fun, even if the other player is mostly just tagging along). After Spring Breeze, you unlock further Kirbyverse adventures, which include characters like Meta Knight, Dyna Blade, and King Dedede. Some areas are more substantive than others: The Great Cave Offensive sees Kirby traversing levels in search of 60 hidden treasure chests, while Gourmet Race is a simple face-off between Kirby and Dedede through a small obstacle course."

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