10 Ways Horizon: Zero Dawn Smashes Zelda: Breath Of The Wild (& 10 Ways It Doesn't!)

Two massive, open world, action-adventure games it was inevitable that they would be compared to one another.

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CocoaBrother1614d ago

Both great games and both should be enjoyed by everyone possible

mikeslemonade1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Only sampled Horizon but Zelda is annoying with the running and climbing. That's what you do most of the game is run and climb in Zelda, and that's a fact.

Luucifa1614d ago

What? Someone didn't unlock Revali's Gale it seems. 😂

Darkfist_Flames1614d ago

@Luucifa that still doesnt change what he said, thats what you mostly do xD

tontontam01614d ago

Only sampled Zelda but Horizon is annoying with the running and climbing. That's what you do most of the game is run in Horizon, and that's a fact.

Liqu1d1613d ago

You do a lot of running and climbing in Horizon as well.

Aenea1613d ago


Someone hasn't found fast travel packs yet and not unlocked the override ability to be able to ride the robots....

Goldby1613d ago


i ran everywhere, enjoyed the vistas too much to fast travel. overridding really helped too

Aenea1613d ago


I only started to really use fast travel to collect the final few collectibles to get the platinum. Before that I just rode my metallic horsie!

indysurfn1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Just how many seconds did you play the game on a demo kiosk at gamestop before you came to that conclusion?

And while we are at it, since you conveniently admitted you only 'sampled' Horizon to cover your Hippocratic view. Running, and Climbing must be fun because Horizon has a lot of running climbing in it also.

Especially if you wander into a infected zone with level35 and your at level 8.

Both games have a fast travel available, early on. But Zelda has many ways of traveling around fast. You can even figure out how to fly yourself around with your magnetic powers.

Mikes---NINTENDO---TROLLING-- l emonade.

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meka26111613d ago

Agreed. For some reason though I got bored with horizon really quick, not really sure why. I think it has to do with the story, just couldn't get into it, too predictable.

Kribwalker1613d ago

Me too. I'm level 11 right now and haven't touched it in over a month

Razzer1613d ago

Too bad. The story gets really good and no way you could predict the ending.

sampson31211613d ago

the story gets really good.

Goldby1613d ago


i dunno man, i finished it 2 weeks ago, finally had time to put up my review. its an interesting story but its not GG strong point, and thats mainly b/c they went from a very linear shooter with priority towards gameplay over story, to a open world RPG. it'll get better with experience.

i found no urge to actually finish the story line, there wasn't some impeding doom if i didn't finish the main story, something that can be added is deserted villages, show that the world is on the brink you know

sampson31211613d ago

@Goldby: well myself and the majority reviewers disagree with you.
the person that wrote the story also wrote The Witcher 3,

Compared to Zelda's story it's a masterpiece.


the creator being recreated by the very creation that she created in order to save the human race is a great story if you ask me.

GTgamer1613d ago

Since it's so predictable what happened and don't Google it -_-

Goldby1613d ago


just to be clear, i thought the story was good, just the pacing was the best. Had they done something similar to the recap when every you started up witcher, it probably would have keep the urgency near the ending of the game

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curtis921613d ago

You do a lot of running and climbing in Horizon too. Only you can only run and climb where the game wants you to.

StormLegend1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

"Horizon’s color looks washed out when compared to Breath of the Wild" Yeah i'm done reading this, you have no idea how beautiful HZD open world is. every single thing in HZD has amazing colors and the mountains/grass in Horizon is on a different level. If you take any picture of BOTW it'll look washed out and blurry.

Look at this picture from the article

Majin-vegeta1614d ago

He gotta be smoking something good 😂😂

MassEffectFan1613d ago

Give me what he's having. 😂

rainslacker1613d ago

The good stuff tends to make things sharper and brighter.

Eiyuuou1614d ago

He's right but he phrased it totally wrong.

BoTW has more vibrant and brighter colours mainly due to it's cartoony artstyle and high fantasy setting.
HZD on the other hand goes for more realistic colours because they're trying to achieve a high graphical fidelity. If HZD had the same colourscheme as BoTW it would look ridiculous.

Washed out is absolutely not the term I would use.

A bit grittier and realistic is more like it.

rainslacker1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Yeah, art style is different, so not completely comparable. Think they both look good. BOTW has that cell shaded classic cartoon look. BOTW has the realistic look. The two don't usually look alike, and his argument is typical of those art styles.

It's funny though. The image looks like they need to tone down the brightness of their capture card. I played the game on the WiiU and Switch, and it doesn't look anywhere near that washed out.

_-EDMIX-_1614d ago

lol was that a Gamecube game I was looking at? lol

Deep-throat1613d ago

Busted! Thanks for proving him wrong by posting a heavily compressed low-res shot.

1613d ago
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-Foxtrot1614d ago

Only thing I want in Horizon from games like Zelda BotW (Far Cry and many others) is the glider or some form of it. I'm sure in the world of Horizon there could easily be a quick deploy and retract feature to easily get it out and them put away once you hit the ground.

You get those points in Horizon where you are trying to get to your next objective on the map but your so high up you wish you could just run off and glide.

TekoIie1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

I can see them making a glider suit fit into the design of H:ZD.

Darkfist_Flames1614d ago

or use fast travel, why you want a glider, when theres other gameplay element they could use?

-Foxtrot1614d ago

Why use that to go into loading screens when I can explore the world in a new way

Fast travel is cheap

Gemmol1614d ago

Both games have fast travel, with Zelda you use the shrines or towers you find to fast travel all around the map.......but even tho we have those and loading quick we love how beautiful it is to glide and watch the beautiful land

TekoIie1613d ago

Becuase gliding could be a fun gameplay addition? Why settle for a simple case of bringing up the map and pressing X to travel when they could make exploring the world more fun?

Last_Boss1613d ago

Or pet robot eagle that can swoop you up and glide you down.

rainslacker1613d ago

An override arrow would be kind of cool.

Last_Boss1613d ago

Do like a Sonic Emitter from her ear piece(forgot name,)to call one.

sampson31211613d ago

i wish Zelda had a helicopter, so this way you could stay in the air longer like in Far Cry.... they really missed an opportunity there I'm afraid.

Kribwalker1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Seeing as there is a video out there of a guy gliding for Over 20 mins I'd say your concern has been solved

rainslacker1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

I wish both games had rocket ships, because while the worlds are big, space is bigger. :)

Goldby1613d ago

they should have allowed us to override one of the flyers and be able to mount them, imaging repelling down from a flyer...

-Foxtrot1613d ago

I'd like that aswell but least with a glider it's quicker to use

You'd have to override and then mount them

himdeel1613d ago

Forget a glider, let me ride a Stormbird. I don't need to climb anything else.

rainslacker1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

You know a glider which can actually support the weight of a person and keep them from crashing to the ground is actually not something that can just be quickly folded up and thrown on one's back. Gliders are actually quite large. The air required to keep a person afloat is to be a certain about of cubic feet per pound and a certain square footage over the item it's trying to keep afloat in order to be effective.

Some kind of powered wing back pack set up would make more sense in the setting, and could be scavenged from some of the dinos.

-Foxtrot1613d ago

You do realise humanity in this game advanced quite a bit before they perished

Maybe they had the technology to invent a small glider to use quickly especially in the days of fighting the machines on the warfield

rainslacker1613d ago

Yes well, you said glider, which is a simple technology. Which is why I said some kind of powered wing back pack makes more sense. You can't change the laws of physics, so the size of the glider would have to be what it is. The weight could be cut through technology, but the space required would still be cumbersome....advanced tech or not.

Even some of the concepts of small wings with some kind of powered force to move air over the wings are kind of ridiculous in games, because even wings require a specific kind and amount of air flow over them to generate lift.

But, to put it more in terms of gaming, it doesn't have to be ultra realistic. I was just being overly cynical. Your idea isn't a bad one, but unfettered ability to glide anywhere seems like it's outside the way the game is presented, as they do have restrictions on abilities to keep some things only available in certain places. However, the glider doesn't have to be overly realistic for a game. Making it look cool is typically enough for most people.

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iplay1up21614d ago

Zelda's world is more alive. I mean things float, sink, fire spreads with the wind, updrafts are created. Literally everything interacts with everything else, including animals!

As the article pointed out, the AI in Zelda's animals is realistic, they behave natural. Just because Horizons world looks realistic, doesn't mean the world is better, Zelda's world is beautiful, and you can interact with almost anything, which I think makes for a better experience in an open world game.

I have no idea how many hours I have in BOTW, but I have 52/120 shrines, 5/10 memories, and 1/4 beasts complete, plus a ton of side quests. So I am about 40℅ complete.

-Foxtrot1614d ago

That's more detail...not being full of life

BotW is pretty dead with the same bunch of enemies respawning with little variety

I suppose that's why they focused on those little details like fire spreading and the like...they just forgot some other things while doing that

Imalwaysright1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

"That's more detail...not being full of life"

If its realistic detail which in Breath of the Wild it is to some extent, then the world feels more alive. I have no idea how you came to that conclusion.

StormLegend1614d ago

But did you notice when chasing an animal after a few seconds they just disappear in thin air? That's so real! so much work went into that.....

deafdani1614d ago

That's an intentional design choice, not an oversight. Once an animal spots you and flees, the clock's ticking and you have to hurry if you want to catch it. Puts more pressure on the hunt because your time is limited.

TekoIie1614d ago

Isn't that just for the Blupee's? If so then that's a bit of a stretch to critique.

I mean Diablo 3 does the exact same thing with treasure goblins.

DanteVFenris6661613d ago

Actually yes work did go into that. You have to specifically program the animals to disapear. So more work into making them disapear than not. Not much more work but still more

MegamanXXX1614d ago

Almost everything is destructible in Zelda. I had a blast playing it. You're so right about the fire lol. HZD was amazing too

Darkfist_Flames1614d ago

"the AI in Zelda's animals is realistic, they behave natural" LOL yes an animal who run way when see a human, its not like horizon have it or any other game xD

Luucifa1614d ago

In Horizon the animals run in a straight line and dont seem to have any real perception of the enviroments around them. When the animals in botw run towards a river with the intention of crossing it, they'll turn and run around it; while in Horizon they'll merely run trough it. Tell me, which seems more likely?

Darkfist_Flames1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

@Luucifa just like when they magically disappear(at least in horizon the animals still there) and can you explain why you can just pick up fish than fish them up?, like you know realistic and stuff xD.

Liqu1d1613d ago

@Luucifa Horizon. If an animal can cross a river to escape a predator then it will, it isn't going to unnecessarily walk around it and risk being captured.

Luucifa1613d ago

@Liqu1d So a smaller animal like a fox would run underwater trough a river whitout it having any impact on its momentum or speed as if it's still running on the ground. LOL. Good to know, thank you for the heads up!

rainslacker1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

In horizon, outside the boars and turkeys, the animals run towards cover. Just like real animal. They'll wait there if you don't pursue them, just like a real animal. If you get close to them again, they'll run again. Just like a real animal.

I used to hunt when I was younger. The animal behavior is pretty much how I've seen animals behave. And I did hunt rabbits. I can't speak for foxes. But with the wild turkeys, they do indeed just run around aimlessly trying to get away, and make a lot of noise, and flap their wings to try and scare away predators...just like they do in Horizon. The rats scurry around like you'd expect from a rodent. One minor difference is that a boar may actually charge you if injured, however, an actual arrow to any part of it is likely to cause it to drop, although may not kill it. The muscle mass of a boar is such that an injury to anything on the body affects all the muscles in the surrounding areas, which typically includes the legs.

So, I'd say the animal behavior is actually pretty realistic in Horizon. Unfortunately, I think your knowledge of animal behavior isn't really up to snuff to determine if it's realistic or not. It's just what you'd expect them to do based on assumption. Wild animals are not like animals that hang around the city. They're skittish, and their primary concern is self preservation when faced with danger. They don't run in patterns, they run to cover or flee like crazy. They don't plan out how to get away like a person might, they just run and go to the first safe looking place they see. It's how you bait animals into traps while hunting.

Never, while hunting, have I seen small animals run towards a river, and certainly never saw them attempt to cross it. I've never seen this in Horizon either. Foxes actually can swim, however, from what I know of them, they tend to run to ground when in danger.

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UCForce1614d ago

I think you talked about organic animal in HZD. What about the machine ? They are smart and threaten than BOTW enemies. To be precise, the machine and Aloy are the star of HZD. Those machine make the world of HZD feel alive.

UCForce1614d ago

My favorite machine is ThunderJaw, Strombird, snapmaw and Ravager.

Imalwaysright1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

It is...

Zelda's world reacts to your actions in a somewhat realistic way. Horizon's not so much.

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deafdani1614d ago

Great article. You can disagree with some of its comparisons, but overall, it seems pretty fair with both games.