Will the New, Multi-Functional DS Flourish or Fall Short?

Late last night, a report was released that stated that Nintendo will be releasing a revision of the DS later this year. And it's not just little aesthetic changes (bigger screens, thinner), Nintendo is slapping a whole camera, music player, and increased wireless functionality on the little gaming handheld we've come to know and love.

So far, it has been unconfirmed whether or not this will device will be a Japanese exclusive and it would not be surprising if it was. Crazy gaming and media devices like this are usually only released in Japan. However, if this handheld does release worldwide, will it compete directly with the PSP and iPhone, will it make a new market of casual tech lovers, or will it fall flat on its face?

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- The Corrupt -3669d ago

Is a bit, isn't it? Not very representative. Could've used something a little more advanced than Paint. >_>

As it stands, I can't see it matter if it's a Japanese exclusive. If people outside of the country want it, they'll just import it and buy a transformer for charging. As for competing with the PSP and iPhone... Isn't it already kicking the former's butt, and when did it become a phone?

dericb113669d ago

I wonder why people keep trying to compare the Iphone to the DS. - The Corrupt - I know your not so not aiming this at you. But lets see. Iphone cost more and has a monthly fee tacked on and the DS is cheaper and its library is ungodly. I dont like the DS one bit but if it came down to it why waste more money on a Iphone as a gaming unit and miss out on the DS and GBA games? Anyone with common gaming knowledge wont. As for the brain-washed Apple junkies they will and will even tell themselves the Iphone is the greatest gaming handheld ever.

Shaka2K63669d ago

Real men play Sony PSP.

just try bringing a nintendo ds to your high school stupid anti-Sony losers Hahahahahahahaha you get your asss kicked as usuall Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Sena Kobayashi3669d ago

If the DS really gets all those improvements than people will go crazy over it .

Im of to another thread with my MAX SPEED!!

Iceman1003669d ago

Who cares about the i phone it's not even a real phone let along a game device, and nothing will ever touch Nintendo in that area.