Full List Of Games For Xbox Game Pass Revealed, Includes Many Blockbuster Games

Microsoft has revealed the games that will be available on Xbox Game Pass subscription service and it include some nice surprises.

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aconnellan515d ago

Lol @ your disagrees

It's a good list, and it's only $10 a month, I think that's pretty good value. They could have started off slow and only included a bunch of lesser known games, but there's quite a few AAA on there

Krysis515d ago

Meh, the disagrees are from people that think streaming games to play is the best service.

4Sh0w514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

Damm, that's a helluva list, plus it's also month to month so you could quit anytime, start up anytime. Price of 1 new game would get you 6 months to play all these. If I didn't already own so many games I'd give it a go.

THamm514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

The price point is superb, I wouldn't mind if they let you even stream them, but I would like other devices other than the Xbox One, specifically a Mac or PC. Also I'm sure microsofts online structure/servers wouldn't nearly give too many issues. I wish Sony would've came down in price, and not made my pstv worthless.

vikingland1515d ago

I wonder what the cost for a sub is?

vikingland1515d ago

Thanks , that's affordable considering the amount of games.

Quetzll515d ago

Great question. Too bad they didn't mention the subscription price before the second paragraph in the post. Otherwise, i may have had to read 5 entire sentences.

vikingland1515d ago

Yeah ,my bad. I only read the game list oops.

Gunstar75511d ago

UK £7.99 a month.
A lotess than I expected.
I just wish I wasn't an adult with little time to play

TheColbertinator515d ago

Did Mad Max receive a patch or is it still buggy?

Krysis515d ago

If Avalanche did it, then it's probably still buggy.

NotSoMad515d ago

The only game I'm surprised they put up here was Halo 5. Though, it makes sense to have a big title of the current gen to spur interest.


Yeah, to make it look more impressive, but really, how many x1 users that wanted to play halo 5 haven't done it already?

The service is nice, the price is good, the list is not that great yet, but there's potential there!

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The story is too old to be commented.