Why Disney Should Buy Nintendo

While interesting, acquiring a video game publisher is wrong for Disney. It doesn't just need a video game publisher.

It needs Nintendo.

Acquiring Nintendo -- which admittedly would not be easy -- would give Disney more than just a video game publisher. It would give it another intellectual property brand at a time when there is little original intellectual property being created.

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Erik73571703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

I mean they bought star wars and marvel. They are a HUGE company so it could potentially buy it but Nintendo would probably cost what marvel and star wars cost combined and a little more so I doubt it.

When I think of gaming I have indeed always thought of Nintendo being the Disney of gaming.

They are one of the only publishers who make timeless IPs and ones that reach the biggest audience from young to old.

EcoSos31703d ago

I don't think they are going to take on that risk as of right now Nintendo is worth about 34 billion and I don't want them anywhere near Nintendo.

Erik73571703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Why would you think they would ruin it? Last time I checked Marvel and Star wars have gotten better after Disney bought them. Disney knows how to handle valuable IP in my opinion hence why they have stuff like Micky Mouse and pixar movies and more.

Disney is also big in Japan, 3rd largest economy, buying Nintendo would cement their presence there even more.

It would cost a substantial amount though. They spent 8 billion in total for marvel and Star Warsl, they have around $90 billion dollars in resources to spend though so they could potentially buy Nintendo but it would be risky

Erik73571703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Well lets just say you cant say Disney runs things into the ground like most companies would of done who could of bought Star wars or Marvel
Im just saying if someone where to buy Nintendo you couldn't find anything better than Disney to buy it.

I honestly think Sony or Microsoft would actually be worse

Glak181702d ago

Star Wars Force Awaken generated over 5 billion dollars alone, around the same Nintendo generates in a good year. The risk wouldn't be that big and it would cement them as a global powerhouse.

The 10th Rider1702d ago

"Why would you think they would ruin it?"

Take a look at Marvel comics recently. Take a look at Mickey Mouse recently. Take a look at what happened to Pixar after Disney bought them out. Look at what happened to Disney games when Disney tried to get involved. On top of that Marvel movies and Star Wars movies nowadays, while quite entertaining, are typically pretty paint-by-numbers.

It would hardly be any better than a Vivendi takeover. The only brightside would be that Nintendo could use Disney properties, but even that wouldn't matter much anyways since I'd give it about ten to fifteen years before it killed Nintendo (Pixar is a shining example of what it would do to Nintendo).

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EcoSos31703d ago

SW has not gotten better only the cgi cartoon has and Marvel only the movies has gotten better not the comics they seriously had a blm comic it got cancelled after the second book lol. It doesn't matter if Disney is the 3rd largest economy that would not help Nintendo what so ever and even Mario is more recognizable than Mickey at this point.

ninsigma1702d ago

The last 2 star wars movies were far better than the prequel trilogy.

Unless you're talking o my about Japab, no, Mario is not more recognizable than Micky.

ninsigma1702d ago

Stupid fat fingers!

***only about Japan***

yellowgerbil1702d ago

Unless they're willing to buy it for 100billion dollars, then not a chance.

ninsigma1702d ago

I think Nintendo would cost a good bit more than those so if imagine it would be difficult to do so. It would be interesting though. Imagine a new games based on Disney characters and worlds with nintendo polish?? That would be cool

rainslacker1701d ago

Marvel and Lucas Arts were for sale. To my knowledge, Nintendo isn't. Even though Nintendo is publicly traded, the controlling group would have to want to give up their shares for this to actually happen.

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PhoenixUp1703d ago

1.) Disney doesn't even care about videogames enough to try and keep Disney Interactive Studios afloat. That publisher's closure cemented that Disney isn't really that invested in this industry.

2.) Besides that Nintendo turned down Microsoft's offer of a $25 billion buyout in 1999, so it sure as hell wouldn't accept any offer from Disney. And Disney sure as hell isnt going to offer more than $25 billion.

3.) Even if Disney bought them, that would present a lot of other complications. Would anything with Disney content like Kingdom Hearts be made exclusive to Nintendo platforms cause Disney wouldn't want to compete with itself by allowing its own inhouse properties on rival platforms?

The only benefit I can see in a potential buyout would mean that we'd be one step closer to an actual Mushroom Kingdom Hearts.

Nu1702d ago

You keep this site alive.

Last_Boss1702d ago

I'd kill for Mickey in Mario Kart.

FallenAngel19841702d ago

Mickey in Super Smash Bros would be a lot better

Last_Boss1702d ago

For Smash, I would do King Mickey for the moveset.

The 10th Rider1702d ago

I was a huuuuuge Mickey Mouse fan as a kid . . . Mickey Mouse bed sheets, Mickey Mouse curtains, etc . . . I still find the old cartoons pretty dang entertaining. However modern Mickey Mouse has pretty much been burned to the ground. I'd still LOVE to see him in Smash Bros or Mario Kart though.

ClayRules20121702d ago

"The only benefit I can see in a potential buyout would mean that we'd be one step closer to an actual Mushroom Kingdom Hearts" I'm totally up for that . Throw the Smurfs in their too, the more the merrier! Jk.
Overall tho, well said comment, my friend. I agree!

veicht1702d ago

Would like to add to this that in addition to the Disney interactive stuff, they also shuttered all of the video game related stuff they purchased with star wars almost immediately upon buying it. I don't get the sense that Disney is a company that knows much or cares much about games. It prefers to license its stuff out and just pile money while other people deal with it.

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Fist4achin1702d ago

No thanks. Id rather not see that happen.

If they did, im pretty sure there wouldnt be shortages of productions on their consoles...

Last_Boss1702d ago

Nintendo knows they would lose identity.

sk8ofmnd1702d ago

Nintendo lost its identity with the wii and put themselves 6 feet under in a graveyard with the wiiu. The switch should have been the 2nd comming to christ instead of a wiiu.5. Only nintendo can dress a handheld up like a homeconsole call it a hybrid and only be marginally more powerful then tech from 2012 (wiiu).

TXIDarkAvenger1702d ago

Nintendo is doing what they've always be doing for years. I don't see how they lost their identity.

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