What Sony Can Do To Get You On Board at E3

E3 is closing in on us, as it gets closer and closer. We know we're in for a few surprises, but with Microsoft attempting to make a resurgence this generation, with the Xbox Scorpio. What can Sony do to try and make some moves to make the path of success harder for Microsoft. Poli Games host Poli Games, Joseph, talks about games seen at previous E3's like Days Gone, God of War, and games he would like to make an appearance like Bloodborne 2. What will it take for Sony to blunt the force of the Xbox Scorpio?

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PhoenixUp2607d ago

"What can Sony do to try and make some moves to make the path of success harder for Microsoft?"

Just continue on the path they've already set out on.

naruga2606d ago

"What Sony Can Do To Get You On Board at E3".....what???...i malready onboard man and competiton has sinked already ... they have done so much ,even if they just come and say hello people will cheer them more than the others

UltraNova2606d ago

Dont be like that guys. Be demanding or get screwed when they feel they own you.

I want even more effort from Sony.

1. PSVR price cut (atleast 50bucks) or 400 bucks complete bundle.
2. AAA PSVR support roadmap.
3. New 1st party game reveals(other than what we already know of)
4. PS4 Pro price cut (the more people buy it, the more devs will take it seriously because lets face it most PRO support has been bare bones at best).
5. Megaton surprice (personal request >12+ teraflop PS5 in development for a 2019 or 2020 release).

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

I like the title. It made me chuckle. Millions of people are already on board. Even hardcore fans of other platforms are buying PS4's and some of them are on Youtube, other forums, and even here claiming to be neutral gamers. Every time I see them posting here PRETENDING to be an enlightened gamer it makes me laugh.

DarXyde2606d ago


Good list! I'm only skeptical of announcing a 12+TF console now. That would be doing what Microsoft did with Scorpio and I don't think Sony cares to follow Microsoft's example, especially when they hold an advantage over them. Announce too much now and the competition can easily one up you.

UltraNova2606d ago


I know I know...MS did that to screw with the PS4 Pro's momentum and to keep as many xbox fans as possible from fleeing to the far better and obvious choice.

Thing is business is business and Sony learned anything from last gen they need to respond accordingly just like they did with 3rd party dlc deals.

rainslacker2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )


It's good you set the measure of success so low

1 may be seen, but since they just recently stopped having manufacturing shortages, i wouldn't expect it.

2 I doubt we'll see until the actual install base increases. AAA is pretty costly.

3. I'm sure we'll see that. I'm hoping for Sucker Punch. They haven't had a game release in 3 years now.

4. That's possible. Might depend on Scorpio's price point though, and Sony hasn't exactly been dropping prices on a regular basis this gen. Stock PS4 price drop may be more likely. I'd see a bundle or new PS4P SKU's before a price drop.

5. Likely will have at least one. Doubt it'll be a new console though.

While any one of your requests may be possible, I highly doubt we'll see all of those things, particularly if Sony follows the same format as last year. Some of that stuff may come at later conferences or PSX.

Personally, so long as they manage to have a showing about as good as last year, or the year before without the boring parts, then I'm good. I'm already on board for PS.

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RommyReigns2606d ago

I'm already on board before E3 has even started, but if there's one thing I would like to see most it would be some Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped gameplay.

XanderZane2606d ago

They aren't going to affect anything the XBox Scorpio does. Gamers who are already excited for it are still going to get it, especially if M$ shows some exclusive games that aren't going to be on the PC or any other platform, but XBox. I'm sure they will. Microsoft needs to drop the original to $250 or less. Get the Scorpio out @$500 or less. If they were smart, they would bundle a game in with it or even an Elite controller. They should also lower the XBL subscription to $49.99 or less. If they want to compete, they need to make some price cuts.

Sony is going to do what Sony always does. Show a ton of games. Hopefully we see some new PSVR games that are original and different. Lower the price of PSNow by a lot. Most gamers are already on board the PS4 train.

Razzer2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Keep cranking out the game reveals. They are the only ones not having to worry about new hardware this year. That is a huge advantage.

raWfodog2606d ago

Yep, that's all it takes for me. What else is there to excite a gamer than simply having good games to play? Price cuts and extra features are also good to have but I don't spend hours playing with features.

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Servbot412607d ago

All they have to do is continue releasing games and securing exclusives and they'll continue being miles ahead of Microsoft.