PLAY Mag Preview: The Godfather II

PLAY Mag reports:

'' Back in early 2006, as the world was gearing up for the release of the PlayStation 3, The Godfather game arrived a full 34 years after its inspiration hit the silver screen. The whole experience could be summed up in one word. Late. We were all far too excited about getting our hands on a raft of new PlayStation 3 games and seeing what the next generation had to offer to worry about the muted arrival of what, on the face of things, appeared to be little more than a Grand Theft Auto also-ran.

However, having said that, most of the people who did indulge themselves in the game's quirky mixture of racketeering, drive-bys and moving through the ranks of the Corleone clan, enjoyed what they played. In fact, according to Electronic Arts' internal market research, it had the highest percentage yet of owners stating in the affirmative that, should a sequel appear, they would definitely be interested. According to EA at least. Amazing! We thought it was mostly bobbins.''

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