On The Way To E3: Resident Evil 2 Remake

Jerry from BagoGames says, "E3 is just around the corner and it is time for game journalists to speculate what they may see or might be announced. Let's talk Resident Evil 2's remake."

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Elda512d ago

If it's not shown this year at E3 then I'll put this right next to Capcom's other so called game Deep Down.

Derceto512d ago

I'm sure "something" will be shown at E3, or through some dedicated Capcom event (are they even going to E3? I honestly don't know, as E3 is pretty much useless anymore).

andrewsquall511d ago

Capcom literally had one of the most surprising game reveals in Resident Evil 7 at E3 last year.

nucky64512d ago

I don't know, man......deepdown already bookends really well with agent - hate to break up that set of vaporware. LOL

sk8ofmnd512d ago

This has to go down as the oldest game to be remade... I think i was 19 when i played the original.

RosweeSon511d ago

I was about 12 haha. Loved it tho got into the first one the Saturn and love these classics Resi's1 will always have a place in my heart but 2 I'd say was my favourite.

BlakHavoc512d ago

I want this game officially revealed at this years E3! The best Resi game and I hope it comes out before E3 2018.

RosweeSon511d ago

Isn't it out before end of 2017? Must admit not really looked into release dates not got round to RE1 remake yet (did it on Gamecube tho) and Resi 0 mainly as 6 months before it got announced I was playing my Gamecube (some games not available elsewhere) and thought Resi 0... yeah that's not getting re released, nailed it enjoyed it then oh it's coming to my PS4 😩😉 I'll grab Code Veronica soon love those classic games.

_-EDMIX-_511d ago

well I mean, its already been revealed to be a thing.

I hope its out before next E3 too.

Pennywise138512d ago

I actually hope what they are doing is combining 2 and 3 into one remake since those games intersect anyway. Then we would have good versions of the entire series.

_-EDMIX-_511d ago

lol, yea I don't think thats going on.

That would take way too long and it makes more sense to just remake RE2 then remake RE3 after using the funds.

If anything they can have some collection called the remake collection or something where you can play both.

TheOttomatic91511d ago

I hope to god that one of the reasons Scalebound was cancelled (besides the forced inclusion of MP and microtransactions) was because Kamiya got an offer from Capcom to work on RE2 Remake. I know I know not happening but I can still dream.

_-EDMIX-_511d ago

lol that seems so unlikely though.

RE2 is already a thing, it has a story, concept ,design etc, its unlikely its going to have the exact same members of the original team as it sorta doesn't need all those members in the first place.

They are remaking something that was already made thus they have an outline for it anyway.

That team is likely hard at work on their own stuff right now.

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