US PlayStation Store Sale Offers Huge Discount On Just Cause 3, Overwatch, And More

US PlayStation Store is having a new sale this week called 'Extended Play Sale' that offers discount on PS3 and PS4 games including Overwatch, Ark Survival Evolved and more.

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StormLegend1581d ago

Terrible sale! so much $$$ for those old COD games that no one plays. Everything is too high!

Chumdiddy1581d ago

Normally not one to complain about sales but this one is pathetic.

Just Cause 3, Shadows of Mordor and a few others should be PS+ offerings by now and JC3 is "on sale" for over $30. JC2 was a PS+ offering by this time on PS3 because it was a good, fun game that was well past the masses spending more than $10 on it (especially a digital copy).

_-EDMIX-_1581d ago

I only care to wait for digital sales when it specifically a game I actually just want digitally.

For the most part I'm usually just buying it used off of Amazon anyway.

I think I'm actually just waiting for Skyrim remaster to go on sale digitally.

Maybe lol