Sony Chief Says No PS3 Price Drop 'til June 2008

Sony Computer Entertainment America bossman Jack Tretton has gone on record to clearly state that there will be no price-drop for PS3 until at least June 2008.

In an interview with Game Informer magazine, when asked if price drops for the PS3 would be "as soon or as drastic as they were for the PlayStation 2," Tretton answered with a clear, "No."

The PS2 originally launched in the US in October 2000 at a price point of $299. The first price reduction on that machine, when the price was slashed to $199, was made by Sony in May 2002. Hence, if Tretton is to be believed, the PS3 is going to continue to set you back $599 (or the planned £425 in the UK) until well into the summer of 2008.

Tretton claims that the massive investment in research, development and hardware means that the PS3 is far "more difficult to cost reduce" than was the case with the PS2.

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Maldread5229d ago (Edited 5229d ago )

i think that depends on how the PS3 will sell ( or not ). If it stalls completly, they may have no other choice. It will be a though choice for them, because of the high development cost, but i don`t think they can let their two competetors get to far ahead of them, that will cost more.

One thing`s for sure, i`m definatly not buying one until the price comes down, maybye MGS4 can change my mind, but we`ll see. ( Ps. the lame vote is because of the price, not the story.. savy ;)

shikwan5229d ago

but at least you can surf the web and enjoy Blu Ray movies! All that for the low-low-price of...$600

FirstknighT5229d ago

By that time the 360 will be half the cost of a ps3!!! Half the cost of a ps3 and better games??? PS3 is dead!

TheThinker5229d ago

Because someone just made a dire prediction. I remember the same thing being said about the Xbox; more expensive than the PS2, yet in the end still there on the market making money.

Heck, if the Wii can have a market for gamers, certainly the PS3 can as well. Of course, its gaming library will have to be quite large to last or it will become another Dreamcast.

Speaking of which, I still admire the Dreamcast for its design features. In a way it was ahead of its time.

KingJames19065229d ago

Historically, gaming consoles lower their price within an 18-24 month period. Microsoft is in a position to do this by April\May of THIS YEAR. The market will not consider them weak as the there product as been out for some time. Will the price cut be 50, or 100 dollars is anyone’s guess. But if Microsoft is worried about Nintendo's success in the UK and US then I suspect a $100 cut. If they are not then 50 will be the number. But Microsoft could steal Sony's thunder in March with the UK launch of the PS3 with a 50-pound cut of the Xbox360. Price dictates everything and Microsoft is clearly in that position.

calderra5229d ago

Sony won't have to slash prices- Japanese retailers have already slashed their prices up to 20%!
(see other news stories today)

TheThinker5229d ago

to sucker in more customers. You don't think that may be the case for console retailers? If you think not, go do some actual research, get an annual report for Sony investors, and see if I'm wrong.

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The story is too old to be commented.