19 New Metal Gear Solid 4 images

Brand new images for upcoming PS3 title Metal Gear Solid 4.

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TheMART5229d ago

So are these the PS3 or the 360 screenshots?

Captain Tuttle5229d ago (Edited 5228d ago )

Stop being a troll. People like you are ruining this site.

PS3 Ultimate5228d ago

and wake up! MGS4 is not coming to the 360. Your the one that is all confident of the 360 so if ur so confident about it then why are u acting like its coming to the 360?

nanometric5229d ago (Edited 5229d ago )

From which planet are you from? there never will be MGS4 on the 360, pin it to your forehead!
P.S. I only registered to tell you this!

TheMART5229d ago

So tell me why not. Konami is a 3rd party developer, SOny don't own them, they didn't pay it to be an exclusive, MGS2 has been on the XBOX 1 etc etc.

The developer said they liked the 360 and will make games for it. The 360 has the largest public that buys games. Gears just sold over 3 million games in 2 months.

If you'd ask me it's rather likely.

@ Achira, thanks for your vid with your PS3 man Just for me, so nice.

But why do you connect it by composite man, no true HD or even HD at all for you mate. That's crap

achira5228d ago

theMart i use hdmi, you can see it, that it is sticked into the ps3. the composite cables sticked in the tv are for my gamecube, i am a zelda fan, lol

achira5229d ago

lol, theMart it seems you must sell your crapbox360 and buy a ps3 to play this godly game!

achira5229d ago

this game looks fantastic cant wait for it. i like this very realistic look.

Gamer135229d ago (Edited 5229d ago )

But otherwise the game looks amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.