Full Body Shot Of Piccolo

Edward French (make-up artist) posted a new set photo of Piccolo (James Marsters) on his official website. He states that he can't show Piccolo's face yet due to the request of Fox, but promises a behind-the-scenes photo gallery when the film is released.

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ChickeyCantor3672d ago

seriously if this is "dragon ball" and not "Z" then why the F is goku so old?

kesvalk3672d ago

because it's messed up Sidar?

DarkBlood3671d ago

because its a movie and it looks like they are trying to cram up the entire series or half of it leading to piccolo the evil king one or more then half of the series cram up into a movie when they fight piccolo the one we know that is badass

jorgeanaya0003671d ago

Hasn't there already been a Dragonball live action movie? I think I saw it in Telemundo or something.

It sucked.