Bungie Already Has Plans For Destiny 3 Says Nolan North

Destiny 2 is about to be released in September however according to a Reddit user Bungie might also have plans already for Destiny 3 .

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XiNatsuDragnel606d ago

Great then Bungie finds another company before they get bought out.

lelo2play605d ago

Didn't Bungie announce they had plans with Destiny universe for 10 years? It's not surprising they are thinking about Destiny 3...

Sciurus_vulgaris605d ago

Yup, Bungie has a 10 year, $ 500 million developement contract with Activision for the Destiny franchise.

Kosic605d ago

It's not hard to figure out their new plans.
Sell more small packages content at full retail. Then sell catch up bundles (standard game + dlc 1+ 2) then repeat for each new piece of dlc.

yomfweeee605d ago

So, what "small packages" are they selling at full retail? The original release or Destiny 2... are you saying they are small packages?

meka2611605d ago

He's referring to the fact that some of the expansions were almost the same cost as the game for destiny 1.

Kosic605d ago

As Meka2611 said, each expansion had one raid, couple of dungeons and bland world content.
I played release, then came back for the taken king expansion. Felt the content was not worth my money.

Won't be buying destiny 2, not going to fall for the same mistake twice.

yomfweeee605d ago

No, none of the expansions were $60. So, again what are you talking about? $40 is arguably too much, but don't say it cost same as original game.

605d ago
Rodney25605d ago

What, make an actual sequel.

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