T-break: Intel Atom/ECS 945GCT-D Motherboard Review

T-break writes: "There are a fair number of applications that require a cost effective quick and easy computing solution that gets the job done with least power consumption. ECS brings us the 945GCT-D motherboard that comes with an Intel Atom 230 (1.6GHz) Diamondville CPU and delivers just that. With the integrated Intel GMA 950 graphics solution included, it's almost half way ready to go.

The Atom CPU

We've looked at the Atom in the form of Eee PC 901 but its the first for us on a desktop so a little bit about Intel's ATOM CPU before we continue. Intel ATOM is Intel's smallest and lowest power consumption processor to date. Its main aim is to fit into portable devices such as netbooks and other mobile internet devices. Intel originally announced the 45nm 'Diamondville' processor in March of 2008 to be used in the Classmate PC."

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