KH3 And FFVII Remake Ranked Number 6 And 3 Respectively In Famitsu’s Latest Most Wanted List

Famous Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu’s latest list for the most highly anticipated upcoming games among the Japanese audiences is here, and the results are, once again, about what you’d expect them to be- dominated by a number of excellent-looking RPGs and, for the most part, Square Enix titles.

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BlahBlahWhatever540d ago

The only game above FFVII remake in short is DQ XI both in PS4 & 3DS & that make sense as it's close to release in JPN, JRPG fans are hungry for a traditional turn-based rpg as am I, DQ XI is also my most anticipated game atm.

FallenAngel1984540d ago

Lmao FFXII: TZA is higher on this list than Tekken 7