ModSynergy: Samsung PN50A650 50" Plasma HDTV Review

ModSynergy writes: "We've been visiting over the past few weeks how the new ATSC digital standard will affect many people over the coming months. This transition from analog to digital broadcast will signal a new era that that will take place on February, 17, 2009. The ATSC standard was developed for what we now know as the HDTV and we've been reviewing products associated with bringing us this same content on our PC's. But is the experience different as it is on a dedicated HDTV set?

People who pull in analog over-the-air (OTA) content on their non-HD televisions via antenna will be the ones directly affected by this transition but they have three simple options to get around this issue; purchase a brand new HDTV set with a built-in ATSC tuner, purchase a ATSC card for viewing HD content on their PC, or purchase a ATSC converter box to utilize on their current non-HD television. Note the highest HD standard we have is currently 1080p, a resolution of 1920x1080, so in order to view the full picture on the PC properly, you'll need at least a 24" monitor that can support this resolution in order to have the best experience possible."

Pros and Cons

o + Spectacular picture quality
o + Tons of picture quality options to tweak
o + Beautiful Touch of Color
o + ATSC tuner is great
o + Anti-reflective coating is good
o + Good amount of features like WiseLink and Info-Link
o + Swiveling stand
o + Independent picture settings for each input
o + Bundle of ferrite cores and mounting gear
o + Illuminated remote
o - Audio is decent
o - Switching video sources needs improving
o - Channel list shouldn't be erased after scanning, just add new channels onto existing
o - Component video input
o - Anti-reflective coating doesn't fully eliminate reflections in bright conditions
o - PIP functionality

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