Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain an emotional breakthrough

If you thought Keanu Reeves was wooden in Point Break, you should see the Nameless Marine. He doesn't say much, but he moves jaggedly, makes exactly the same sound each time he gets hurt, and always sports the same tense grimace. He is the worst actor you will ever see. Where can you catch him? Well, he's so bad he's only secured a role in a couple of titles, namely in id Software's DOOM series.

Chances are you haven't been too impressed by many other videogaming denizens. You'd think a character with whom you could interact freely would be more compelling than one in a world-class film, but this isn't the case. David Cage, lead designer of the upcoming Heavy Rain at Quantic Dream, attributes this to limited content...

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THWIP5221d ago's been known for quite a while now.

Maldread5221d ago

This game is rather interesting, though i hope we could get to see a bit more how the gameplay will be.

Pathetic N4G Website5221d ago

What's this ? A post actually referring to gaming news from the immature, childish yank ? Wonders will never cease.

Obviously he's learning the difference. Albeit Slowly.

Maddens Raiders5220d ago (Edited 5220d ago )

why don't you sit on Big Ben slowly, eh yank? Better yet, Tie cement bricks to your paws, do us all a favor and throw yourself into the Thames in the middle of the night? Thanks mate! =]

Hayabusa 1175220d ago

"Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain an emotional breakthrough"

Yeah, right...

nirwanda5220d ago

If you haven't I suggest you do before making a comment if they maintain the high standard of animation and emotion though out the game this will be one of the best most groundbreaking games released this generation(along with mass effect) I this ends up PS3 only which is quite possible it will sell me a PS3

Texas GMR5220d ago

I'd never seen an emotional game trailer like this before, ever!
Now if they can put this in a game, that's another story. I sure hope so though.
Think if they could put that kind of emotion in our favorite war game. It's a whole new ball game!

Silver Bull3t5220d ago

give me fluid character animations and good voice acting. If I want an emotional orgy I'll go watch a crappy TV drama or read a romance novel.

THWIP5220d ago


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