Amazon May Month-End Sales: Save Up To 71% Off

One of the most awesome deals you can probably get on the internet right now is Amazon video game deals of the week. You can save a lot of money as you buy your favorite games and accessories if you take advantage of this offer. These game deals have become a common feature in the gaming community and for a good reason i.e. they are amazing.

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DarXyde1659d ago

Star Ocean and Gears 4 went down quite a bit in price. I'm a little surprised.

FITgamer1659d ago

Gears 4 has been at $30 for months. I got it for $20 during Christmas sales.

DarXyde1659d ago

I'm speaking particularly about time window. It wasn't released that long ago. Star Ocean makes more sense since that's been about a year.

1659d ago
Father__Merrin1659d ago

article should mention eu or na