Blu-ray "PornGate" Ends with the Return of 'Debbie Does Dallas'

Despite reports of a covert operation by Blu-ray backers to banish porn from the format, it seems a '70s adult superheroine has come to the rescue, with the official announcement of Vivid Entertainment's 'Debbie Does Dallas...Again' on Blu-ray.

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Pathetic N4G Website5427d ago

"I try to bring positive news about the PS3 to the site and see what's going on (generally) in the Wonderful world of gaming. This is one of the best sites I've been to for a gamer's forum (unlike I look forward to conributing and learning here for a while."

You will be learning for a while at this rate. Learn this pal - MOVIE NEWS =/= GAMING NEWS just becuase it's about the effing Blu Ray Disc.

Kabish ? Gimp

D R Fz5427d ago

Don't let the 360 fanboys keep you from posting good news. Just do what you do best and post the truth.

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