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The epic heroes. The beautiful landscape. Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, an action RPG developed by Enigami and published by Focus Home Interactive, embodies the classic RPG feeling once again, and gives the players the experience of a lifetime.

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2610d ago

Shiness Kickstarter Backers Revolt Over Broken PS4 & Xbox One Promises

Joanna Mueller writes: "Enigami was attempting to backpedal on their promises. Suddenly backers could only claim one digital console key, regardless of how many copies of the game they’d pledged toward. And this was only available to backers who’d pledged at an unspecified tier."

garyanderson2642d ago

Sounds like they made a bunch of promises to keep raising money, pretty shady.

JackTheLiz2642d ago

Just come out and admit you're a shill for Cliqist alright?

annoyedgamer2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

He is also tied with NewNormative both of those sites are owned by the same people. Look at their contributor lists.



2642d ago
Tetsujin2642d ago

Situations like this is why I don't bother with Kickstarter. Say one thing, do another. Sounds like another company who had a game release Sept of 2014 who pulled a similar situation.

Patriot4Life2642d ago

Never understood why people give money to someone with just promises...should be a rule in KS that a game or product has to be 30% complete before backing can start.

Also, the person asking to r money cannot ask fr more money until goal and promises are complete.

JunMei2640d ago

And how do they afford the development costs if it's already 30% complete?

The fact is, we shouldn't let the shortcomings a few well-publicized instances sour people on the idea of crowd funding.

Patriot4Life2640d ago

I would agree with you but its not just a few...this happens more often than you think.

Video games and non-related video game product have made promises only to walk away and give us nothing.

Atleast send them to jail for not giving back the money.

2642d ago
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Germaximus2642d ago

It's a very sad situation and I can understand why people are upset. Mistakes happen.

The game is great.

MetroidFREAK212642d ago

And that's yet another reason I don't pledge anything on Kickstarter...

XanderZane2642d ago

I pledged to 3 games and all 3 games were completed and sent to me. Only game that really didn't live up to it's promises was Mighty #9. It was an average game, but still fun. I haven't backed anything else since.

arkard2642d ago

I've pledged 2. H hour, which I pledged for a ps4 copy and have never received. Also pledged for vita copy of Bloodstained, so far that looks to be going OK.

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Shiness: The Lighting Kingdom – Opening Mission Gameplay

EB: Above you can check out some b-roll style gameplay footage from my campaign playthrough of Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, which is releasing next week for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It features the opening tutorial and other random gameplay segments that you’ll encounter within the first hour or two of the game.

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Indie RPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Gets New Screens, Pre-Order Details Announced

French indie developer Enigami has released new screens and pre-order details for Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, the studio’s action-RPG, slated to release this fall on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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dead_pixels2872d ago

Likewise, reminds me a lot of Level-5's work, and that's certainly never a bad thing.

shinoff21832872d ago

Hopefully the console version release as a physical disc. Id buy it day one.

Dark_Overlord2872d ago

I backed the kickstarter and I've definitely got a physical coming, so here's hoping they do a mass release :)

P.S are you the same shinoff2183 from LRG? :)

Fist4achin2872d ago

It definitely has potential. I hope it turns out good as RPGs are my favorite genre.

Relientk772872d ago

Sweet really hope they do a physical copy.