Duke Nukem 3d - 40,000 Units Sold Week 1

Duke Nukem 3d has a robust Thursday and Friday, bringing it's cume to just below 40,000 in 3 days. It's the first game to officially beat out Castle Crashers, which sold 19,000 units on the week.

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Zip3670d ago

my comment warent really baching on the xbox! .... at least it wasnt meant that way.

heyheyhey3670d ago

i wonder what numbers WipEout is doing?

Montrealien3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

A good way to at least estimate the Wipeout numbers Would be by checking the amount of best times there is for the first tracks, actually I would bet they are pretty accurate, you can only get the game online, going to go check right now.

edit : I just did a horrible time on the first track in Racebox and it was ranked 36410, I don't know how many worst times there are, but there where worst times so, eitherway, it is safe to say they sold about the same. This just goes to show how quickly the downloadable market is growing imho. Wipeout is a 1gig game and 40 000 people downloaded it, digital distribution being mainstream is just around the corner and not so far off if you ask me.

heyheyhey3670d ago

yeah i thought of doing that too, i wish Sony could release figures for PSN games, i'd really be interested in knowing which one's people are buying most

Zip3670d ago

so do I ... it must be approxmately the same wouldnt you agree?

Caxtus7503670d ago

why? What would possibly allow you to assume that?

You said that with such insecurity and denial.

It could well be doing that...but Duke Nukem has a greater hardcore fanbase who would purchase it.

Lets not make this about consoles. This isnt about the PSN.

dragunrising3670d ago

I hear you on the enjoying both part. My two most recent purchases were Duke Nukem 3D and Wipeout HD:-P Let me know when you get either one as I haven't played multiplayer yet. I'm a Wipeout noob but not all that bad.

On subject: It doesn't surprise me that Duke Nukem 3D did so well. Its a classic and should be appreciated. I hope that Mega Man 9 does just as well so we see more classic type games being released.

Montrealien3670d ago

I got Wipeout already, just send me a tell if you see me online, getting Duke 3d this week. I'm itching for some stadium multiplayer action :D

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