Digital Trends: Apple iPhone 3G 16GB Review

Digital Trends writes: "The iPhone 3G is mostly what we were hoping for in the second version of the too-popular-for-itself handset. Apple addressed call quality concerns, as well as demands for a faster Web experience via 3G and corporate email support, already making it a worthwhile upgrade for many first-gen iPhone owners. And while the addition of stereo Bluetooth and Assisted-GPS are mere catch-ups to other smartphones, the new App Store boosts it way ahead. We're a little disappointed that the iPhone 3G still lacks video recording, and we'd like a user-replaceable battery and expandable storage, but overall it's a thoroughly satisfying phone and iPod."

+Very good call quality
+Faster web browsing
+Excellent 3rd party app support
+Plenty of features

-No video recording or native MMS
-3G drains battery fast
-no expandable memory

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