Pandora with PS3 USB joypad and super clear sound demonstration

The Open Pandora team are increasing their promotional efforts as the launch of the portable Pandora console draws closer. Here's a video showing the device working with a USB controller and running a Genesis emulator with very clear sound or 'crystal clear' as they call it.

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Final_Rpg3697d ago

I wish I could do that with my psp:(

thereapersson3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Don't know if it's ever going to turn out true or not, though.

Anyway, that's pretty sweet. It's only natural that they would use a PS pad for that because of the excellent D-Pad design, making it a good choice for 2-D gaming. I used to use my PS3 pad a lot when I would use my SNES emulator and it worked great .