UK Store Game Launches GAME Elite "Loyalty" Scheme

PC Aficionado: "GAME, UK’s biggest high street video store has today launched a rather controversial loyalty scheme called GAME Elite. You, the customer, pays GAME £36, and in exchange, you get a small increase in loyalty points when you buy stuff from the store."

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seanpitt23520d ago

Game is the most most expensive place to shop it's crazy. I have stopped buying from them a long time ago.

time2die520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

me to ,i use them only to get rid of games i no longer require, they used to be a great shop when they first started but slowly they killed the smaller independent chains and basically they are the only high street store left to be fair, there is HMV and CEX but dedicated game shops then its just GAME who are now complete rip of with there structure/price plans and second hand games in gneral,there trade in prices are laughable to be fair, along with what they charge for second hand games as opposed a new one, seen second hand games in there shops only a few quid less than a wrapped brand new one.........

RosweeSon520d ago

Yeah every now and again I'll trade in with them or get digital codes and get some rewards points but they need to get the basics sorted before offering services like this.

thatguyhayat520d ago

Exactly, i remember almost buying xenoverse 2 collectors from them for 130 while shopto had it for 100. I was thinking what in tarnation is this

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Phoenix76520d ago

Trust game to try and come up with a way of making money.

Basically, join up for £36 per year and get back a few pence extra on you trade in's. Nice one game, nice one /s

Ciporta1980520d ago

Which business in the world isn't trying to make money? What a dumb statement.

time2die520d ago

Possibly every business, but this is going to probably take you 5 years to recoup your money depending on how many games you buy, they are obviously struggling and they would have to be the only place in the world that sells games for me to use them on a regular basis like i did originally.

Game have virtually ruined the game shops on the high street, bought the better Gamestation and what happened to that chain due to Game and there Greed.

SaveFerris520d ago

Well, I suppose some gamers will sign up for this and that is their choice. I dislike GAME mainly due to the high prices and how they seem to nab many 'retailer exclusive' deals.

time2die520d ago

Possibly because they pay big bucks for the exclusivity ,just like Microsoft did with COD and the map packs which now Sony seem to be doing, but the have to recoup what they pay and its people like you and me in reality are paying for the exclusive stuff with the prices Game charge.

Bit similar to the rip of SKY TV packages because they pay stupid amounts of money for exclusive Sky Deals like the premier league football rights, now we paying £90 a month to watch tv until you ring up threaten to cancel and they give you a slightly better deal, but that still equates to around £65 for the full Monty.

LaWiiG520d ago

Seems just as bad as GameStop.

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