Destiny 2 PC Gets 4K Screenshots; No Dedicated Servers, Bungie Is Thinking of Character Transfers

NVIDIA shared 2 Destiny 2 PC 4K screens on their press site. Meanwhile, Bungie said no to dedicated servers (on any platforms), but there might be character transfers.

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KaiPow516d ago

A lack of dedicated servers could be a nail in the coffin for competitive multiplayer. We'll have to see how they can compensate for a poor P2P connection.

Alexious516d ago

Well, the first game also had P2P and didn't have too many troubles. Of course, it would be better with dedicated servers!

thekhurg516d ago

Doesn't have problems until you get into hyper competitive players that exploit latency issues with p2p connections

Notellin516d ago

Really? All I saw and heard were complaints. Iron Banner was the ultimate lag fest and there was tons of connection manipulation in Trials that would disconnect the other team.

Anyone who still defends P2P should be embarrassed.

omegaheat516d ago (Edited 516d ago )

@Notellin, I agree. This 2017. There's no point in competitive matchmaking if it's P2P. One tenth of a second of lag difference will be a disadvantage to the player with the slower internet speed. When will these developers tell the real truth about why they don't have dedicated servers. With all the money that Activision makes, there's no excuse, the cheap bastards.

Paytaa516d ago (Edited 516d ago )

No dedicated servers and 30fps for a FPS is in the area of unacceptable in 2017. Halo 5, Battlefield, CoD, Rainbow Six, Titanfall, Overwatch, and Gears of War all run at 60fps and have dedis with the exception of only CoD I believe which is also unacceptable.

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3-4-5515d ago

I loved the multiplayer in the first Destiny so I'm guessing it will be just as smooth. I remember very few issues while playing.

ccgr516d ago

Character transfers would be awesome!

Elwenil516d ago

Why? All you would be transferring is the character class and however you made your head to look. Everything else would be reset back to zero.

krypt1983515d ago

they have already confirmed no transfers in the ign interview so ...

Chris_Wray516d ago

No dedicated servers, oh dear. Yet another game that puts more and more onto the consumers.

freshslicepizza516d ago

Does Call of Duty games? Once again Activision cheaping out.

Fishy Fingers516d ago

P2P is a disappointment of course, it really should have dedicated servers. But at least there is no frame rate cap.

Still need to see a lot more before I commit either way.

TankCrossing516d ago

Even dastardly EA provide servers to host their multiplayer games. And they're the worst company in the world.

thekhurg516d ago

With the truck loads of money Bungie/Activision made on Destiny - dedicated servers should have been top of the list.

aConIsDemocracy516d ago

The least they could do with all the cash they got from Destiny. Greed has no boundarys.

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The story is too old to be commented.