Who's Winning in the Console Wars's Karyn McCormack spoke with S&P Equity Research analyst Montevirgen on Jan. 12 about the game-console wars and the companies he believes have an edge.

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specialguest5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

that's an obvious one, Xbox 360 due to a one year lead and hard hitting titles like GOW and other platnium selling titles.

nice_cuppa5221d ago

it will be 360 for a long while yet.
its sold the most hardware...
easily sells the most games...
...this is sony and nintys weakness.
and with microsoft behind it they are in this fight to the end.

ninty are selling alot of systems...
they dont sell alot of games though.
...(i know 5 people who only play wii sports and wario)

sony are not a threat this year....
at the end of this year and into next year when the top titals come out we will see but for every ff there are lost odyssey,infinate undiscovery and mass effect.

it will be interesting.

KingJames19065221d ago

Is that historically, gaming consoles lower their price within an 18-24 month period. Microsoft is in a position to do this by April\May of THIS YEAR. The market will not consider them weak as the there product as been out for some time. Will the price cut be 50, or 100 dollars is anyone’s guess. But if Microsoft is worried about Nintendo's success in the UK and US then I suspect a $100 cut. If they are not then 50 will be the number. But Microsoft could steal Sony's thunder in March with the UK launch of the PS3 with a 50-pound cut of the Xbox360. Price dictates everything and Microsoft is clearly in that position.

TR0N5220d ago (Edited 5220d ago )

a $75 price cut is just right, it's big enough to make an impression plus it will make the core model cheaper than the wii and at the same time not be too big of a financial burden for MS.

Alymon5220d ago

I voted lame. And I say he has no merit.

This is the line that did it for me:
"Activision's franchises include Tony Hawk's Project 8 for PS3 and Xbox 360 and Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam for the Wii. Call of Duty 3 is for all consoles, and Guitar Hero 2 is out only for PS2 but they will probably release it for other consoles because of its success on PS2. "

Guitar Hero 2 has been announced for the 360 for quite some time now. This analyst said they will "probably" release it for other consoles.

Guess what! You didn't do your research before you spoke. The game IS coming out for other systems and you missed it. It was a major announcement when it was released.

This analyst is just riding the "console wars" train looking to make a name without really understanding the industry.

Dusk5220d ago

Guitar Hero 2 has already been announced for other consoles.

She quoted the U.S. launch numbers for the consoles, but left out the rest of the world. Worldwide, the 360 sold 1.5 million, the PS3 sold 1.1 million, and the Wii sold over 3 million.

As for her predictions, she left out facts like game attach rates for the consoles, number of games in development for each console, and the fact that PS3s are sitting on store shelves, collecting dust a mere couple weeks after launch. Nor did she mention which consoles are the best position for price drops (Wii and 360).

Finally, she uttered the epitamy of dumb-arse comments. "Wait until they unlock the magic of the PS3." How long do we have to hear this 'wait and see' approach for the PS3 until the diehards finally realize that, while being a good machine, the PS3 is not the 'technological achievement' that Sony claimed it would be?

I give this analyst an 'F-'.

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