Gates to Transfer Power in '08

Microsoft Corp. said after the bell Thursday that Chairman Bill Gates will transition out of a day-to-day role in the company to spend more time on his global health and education work at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The company announced a two-year transition process to ensure that there is a smooth and orderly transfer of Gates' daily responsibilities, and said that after July 2008 Gates would continue to serve as the company's chairman and an adviser on key development projects.

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OutLaw6193d ago

Well he better hope they don't run his business to the ground. lol

PS360PCROCKS6193d ago

yeah I know, I surely hope not, course he is worth about 9999999 trillion so it wouldnt matter he could start like 150 million more of them just like Microsoft.

shotty6193d ago

Major Nelson should replace him.

Bill Nye6192d ago (Edited 6192d ago )

Major Nelson is the best.


ps3willrule6193d ago

well this smells like the end of micrsoft..the guy hes puttin into power is the guy that couldn't kill google and the guy thats delayed vista for the past year and a hlf and in a recent interview doesn't know if its going to b out by christmas lol...o well gates is jumpin is takin alot of there stocks.. will c how it goes..him leaving can't b good for stockholders lol

xeon1216193d ago

lol yes its the end of microsoft, what os and browser are you using right now? do you really think bg actually runs the day to day workings an ms anymore he is no more than a figure head.

ms has a monoply on the pc software and hardware market no one can touch them really becouse their is no real viable alternative typical sony fanboy.

and this really has nothing to do with the 360

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