Tomonobu Itagaki Interview

1up sat down with Team Ninja's boss, Tomonobu Itagaki, to talk to him about the gaming world's chilly response to his team's vacation-on-a-disc, as well as his opinions on the respective PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii console launches. While Itagaki is rarely at a loss for words, and the man behind the Dead or Alive series is unusually verbose this time around. Settle in and see what he had to say (a lot) about the topics at hand.

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MicroGamer5423d ago

why are the physics so fragged up in this game?? The girls jiggle in ways they shouldn't now. It's like each breast has a mind of it's own. It's kind of disgusting the way they move sometimes. I won't be getting this one until it ends up in the $10 or less used game racks.

calderra5422d ago (Edited 5422d ago )

Great point. The "bewbz" look like they're throwing a revolt and trying to pummell the girls to death. Quick tip: go to settings and turn your age to 99 to slightly remedy the problem.

And then there's all the other bits:
-Control in the jet ski game sucks. Period.
-The biggest rewards are overly difficult or left up to chance. Getting the pole dance is literally left up to a slot machine that you have to have $2million+ for.
-Some of the other minigames (IE beach flag) are almost impossible to pick up due to odd controls (mash A at certain times? WHAT TIMES!?) or unnecessary difficulty. The water slide for example- one slipup and your girl falls a hundred feet onto the metal/rocks/etc below. I kept expecting to see girls in casts and slings.

This isn't about industry reception or what gamers are or aren't willing to except... big parts of DOAX2 suck.

Maddens Raiders5422d ago

article get posted withthe exact same set-up except for the titleing? Guess there's certain stips these people want. Because that's not the article title. Maybe face-saving? Wierd.