PALGN: FaceBreaker Review

PALGN writes: "With EA Sports upping the ante on boxing titles with their brilliant Fight Night series, other contenders have found that stepping into the ring as the newcomer to the genre can be quite a daunting task. Rather than taking another authentic simulation approach to the genre as they did with Fight Night, EA Canada has returned to the genre with a new approach - aimed squarely at the jaw of the casual gamer. With FaceBreaker, the EA camp has shifted towards delivering an over-the-top arcade-styled brawler. But sadly, this is one title that is down for the count.

Before we get to the bad, we must give EA kudos for the things that they did do right with FaceBreaker. Namely, the impressive boxer creation options which is, hands down, the best feature of the game. Using either your PlayStation Eye, Xbox Vision camera or downloading a picture that you have uploaded to to the dedicated website, FaceBreaker will render your face for input into the game - a process which takes roughly ten minutes - allowing for a wealth of custom made boxers for players to share. Although female creations don't tend to match up to their male counterparts, a player with a lot of free time and patience can create some wicked pugilists. While browsing the custom boxer catalogue, you'll have a chuckle at some of the celebrities that have made the cut: Borat, Rocky Balboa and the Joker are just some of the excellent examples on display and are definitely the pick of the bunch."

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