April 2017 NPD: Nintendo and Persona dominate gaming with big sales

April 2017's NPD full software sales break down
April's Top 20 software overall
April's Top 10 for each console (XB1, PS4 & Switch)
April's Top 10 for handhelds (3DS & Vita)
Top 10 Best selling games of 2017 through April

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TheColbertinator517d ago

Kingdom Hearts,Persona,Nier,Mario Kart,Zelda at the top. This year has been good to Japanese development.

Razzer517d ago

Japanese developers have been good to gamers (well....most of us). Works both ways.

dirkdady516d ago (Edited 516d ago )

Dang 5 of those games on the NPD list are PlayStation console exclusive!

Good to see Horizon zero dawn still charting despite coming out in February.

Septic516d ago

Congrats Sony and Nintendo!

tyasia0517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

This has to be a tough pill for Microsoft to swallow when they realize the top three performing games were basically a PS3 game and two Nintendo games that basically run at sub 1080p.

As has been said many times it's games not graphics that matter. Graphics are nice but with out the games to begin with there is nothing.

Neonridr517d ago

when does MK8 run at sub 1080p out of curiosity? And what does resolution have anything to do with a game being good or sales? Such a strange comment. Like it can't just be 2 Nintendo games, it always has to be something more.

tyasia0517d ago

The point is Microsoft is pushing 4k not the games. And this shows that it's not graphics that sell it's games.

As for the 1080p thing resolutions can be different when the unit it not docked and I am not sure what it runs at on portable mode so I said "basically". And we know Zelda is sub 1080p.

But again the point was it's about games first.

Neonridr516d ago

@tyasia0 - well anything in handheld mode is obviously only going to be 720p because that's all the screen can display. But MK8 game still runs at native 1080p and outputs that when it is connected to the dock. Yes Zelda is only 900p though.

Fair enough about the 4K stuff, but obviously MS needs to show off the power of their machine. I mean 3rd party titles are going to look and play the best on Scorpio, so you can be damned sure MS will showcase that fact.

_-EDMIX-_515d ago

@Neo- " But MK8 game still runs at native 1080p and outputs that when it is connected to the dock."

Ok.....MK8 is still a Wii U game.

That would be like us marveling at PS3 game running 1080p on PS4.....

Ummmmm ok. That isn't as big of a deal as you might think, the game you are talking about is basically a last gen game. That would be no different the going nuts about Wipeout HD on PS3 last gen. running 1080p 60fps.....its also not really the most demanding game on earth either.

We are talking about a last gen game unable to hit those numbers portable, sorta means its not even getting that as a portable on something from last gen.....

Mind you, Tyasia's point is that it doesn't matter.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory516d ago (Edited 516d ago )

Mario Kart 8 is native 1080p

kevnb516d ago

all Microsoft has been doing is paying media to hype their stuff and belittle everything else, they should be spending money on making better stuff.

ifrit_caress516d ago

When will Microsoft ever learn...?

davand114516d ago

I agree. At the end of the day 4k is nothing but a resolution that is not yet popular with consumers. The Scorpio shares the same library as every other version of the x1 and is going to do nothing for the xbox brand. What they need is games and without games that get people interested in that console. 3rd party titles aren't going to help the xbox when there is another console that gets those games and they also get interesting exclusive ip's.

_-EDMIX-_515d ago


MS has been out of this generation for years. smh

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Razzer517d ago

Pfffft. Niche game. 😃

blawren4516d ago (Edited 516d ago )

That's typically the argument when something is not selling. Not sure your point here. Never mind, just realized my mistake and came back and saw your comment.

Razzer516d ago (Edited 516d ago )

Sarcasm. Thus the smiley. Should have used /s.

AspiringProGenji517d ago

Serving it like it is, especially to this group of no life PS haters

Darkfist_Flames516d ago

funny thing is how the last guardian already past million, and that game supposed to be more Niche than jrpg xD.

DeathtoOtakuDJ516d ago

Lol, surprised CrapGamer hasn't popped a few veins over his failures.

Kribwalker515d ago

Where's a official link from Sony about the last guardian passing 1 million? Oh wait, PS4 fans just making crap up again. Sony has instantly released press releases when their exclusives have hit 1 million (persona, nier, Nioh) so why not TLG?

AspiringProGenji515d ago (Edited 515d ago )

Oh look the clueless moron @krib once again coming out of nowhere

TLG did pass a milllion sales.

Not sure if it was Sony who officially announce ir, but so what? Where are the official xbox sales then?

Oh yeah, you are clueless as usual

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mark_parch516d ago

I will admit I'm shocked at how well it is selling outside of japan. it's not my cup of tea but fair play it's obviously a great game that a lot of people are enjoyng

Athos516d ago

Persona has always been a great series and finally has the sales it deserved. I have 1, 2 & 3 on my PSP, 4 on PS2 and now 5 on my PS4. I didnt really get into it until Persona 3 which took me over 120 hours to beat but it was one of the greatest RPG's I have ever played.

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Razzer517d ago

Some hot exclusives topping that list. 😁

XiNatsuDragnel517d ago

Persona 5 serving Itachi crows since April;)

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