The Top 5 Mothers in Video Games – Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms and Grandmas out there! Mothers are the glue that holds a family together. The matriarchal holiday is a way of celebrating a well deserved force in the family dynamic. Sure...its been done before, but all those other lists are inferior. Our method of curating this list are far…

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Fist4achin2390d ago

Article came a little late to honor mother's. Better late than never?!

An honorable mention should go to Jenova of FFVII. Her boy Sephiroth did unspeakable things for her.


3 Things We Could See Xbox Reveal At The Game Awards

Shaz from GL writes: “Xbox have announced that they’ll be returning to be a part of next week’s Game Awards. Here are a few things we could see revealed.”

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RAFTECH2621h ago

-Gears 6,
-BG3 on gamepass (reason to why they won’t put a date)
-New acquisition
-mid Gen refresh console
-new controller
-GTA 6 will be on gamepass
-Elders scroll 6

Sciurus_vulgaris21h ago

GTA 6 launching on Gamepass would be cost ineffective for both Xbox and Rockstar. Big Budget third party don’t launch on Gamepass because they can’t be subsidized.

jznrpg20h ago(Edited 20h ago)

What would the cost of GT6 on gamepass be ? Over a billion would be the starting point is my guess

Sciurus_vulgaris20h ago

Microsoft would likely have to pay a lump sum based on projected sales, plus licensing and engagement fees to Rockstar. Additionally, GTA 6 uses a lot of licensed music, and some employees at Rockstar probably get bonuses based on sale figures.

neutralgamer199219h ago

Going by how many people viewed the news about a trailer it would cost even too much for MS. 2-3 million upfront would be my guess. Or they could simply do every person who downloads the GRA6 from GP Ms will pay them for a fully game sold share (usually console makers keep $10, retailer takes $10 and rest goes to publishers who than spreads it accordingly with bonuses and royalties)

neutralgamer199219h ago


Could we please stop with acquisitions. They can barely manage the talent they have. BG3 wouldn’t surprise me if it ends up on GP but it would cost MS a hefty amount

Crows9017h ago

Dont blame him...all these acquisitions and yet theyve got little to nothing to show for it. Xbox gamers are starving for good console exclusives.

Rutaprkl18h ago

Gimme some of that stuff you're taking...

RAFTECH2617h ago

Sure. It’s the $69 billion activision deal.

tay870116h ago

Lmao gta 6 won't be on gamepass. Elder scrolls 6 is YEARS away.

Don't think BG3 will be announced for gamepass, but it wouldn't shock me.

Gamingsince198115h ago

They can't sell the consoles they are already making , a new refresh of console would be silly.

Gta6 on gamepass is not gonna happen unless MS buys rockstar, they have said themselves they won't ever be putting new release games on gamepass because it makes no sense to them financially.

SonyStyled12h ago

Anything can be on GamePass if it’s paid for. But as you mentioned I don’t think Take 2 would be willing to sell Rockstar or the GTA IP. If a gamepass deal occurs, I’d question if 2k would have a physical release on xbox at that point

8h ago
ironmonkey8h ago

Nope, Sony will have marketing rights to GTA 6 plus PC will have to wait 12 months before getting to play.

andy857h ago(Edited 7h ago)

And tomorrow I'm going to win the lottery. Do you really think they'll be bringing out a new console with all the issues they already have with 2 different power consoles? And if BG3 was out day one I'd agree it could be a gamepass coup as that'd make people more inclined to choose Xbox as a console. But it's been out 4 months, most who were hyped for it have already bought it on PC or PS5. And I'd really doubt Rockstar will be doing Xbox favours with regards to GTA considering the majority of their profit is on the PS side and I doubt we'll see any ES6 footage for at least 2 years.

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Minute Man 72121h ago

New games that was never announced with gameplay footage n release date?

RaidenBlack2h ago

how about Gears 2&3 Remaster and Fable II Remaster?

Crows9019h ago(Edited 19h ago)

Perfect Dark Gameplay
Fable Gameplay
Gears announcement
Hellblade 2 combat gameplay

Those are my top on wish to see.
Anything from other recently purchased studios wont feel as great knowing MS just took them away from other platforms forever.

What I hope not to see is more acqusitions...

neutralgamer199219h ago

Would love to see an announcement regarding all gears of war games on Steam

Knightofelemia16h ago

I just want exclusives that will make me say damn I need to buy an Xbox for this.

badz1494h ago

Not gonna happen as long as they still launch their games day and date with PC