Destiny 2 on PC Will Have 4K Support, Uncapped FrameRate, 21:9 Support, Text Chat & FOV Slider

Destiny 2 on PC will have 4K support, uncapped frame rate, 21:9 (Ultrawide) support, adjustable field of view, text chat and a lot more.

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KaiPow518d ago

Hopefully some of these features (text chat!) can make it into the console versions too.

Septic518d ago

I hope consoles can do 60fps!

uptownsoul518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

Scorpio & Pro will only do 60fps if the 8th gen launch consoles do 60fps. Unless Bungie dials other aspects of the game back on the vanilla consoles then I don't see 60fps on consoles.

So this seems like a game where Scorpio & Pro's power will probably go under-utilized.

Aenea518d ago


What about 4k or near 4k resolution on Scorpio and Pro?


I mean it is pretty much the Halo Engine, which we know can run 60 on Xbox, but I think the effects and res would suffer if they pushed it :/

morganfell518d ago

Actually it isn't the HALO engine. And as it is that engine most likely belongs to Microsoft.

COZMIC518d ago

People that are playing on the pro are saying it's at 30 frames.

neoandrew518d ago


And yet on pc nobody cares if you play 30, 40, 50, 60, 120 or 144 fps, nobody cares that having 21:9 is huge advantage + fov slider, now on pc if you want to be competitive you need to have at least 100 fps 21:9 screen with lowest input lag possible, on console you are equal, on pc even blizz don't care, you need to pay a lot.

freshslicepizza518d ago

Any online competitive mode has to play at parity on the PS4, not sure what Microsoft plans to do with Scorpio. Very happy about PC support, never played the first one so I hope it's easy to get into.

joab777518d ago

Pretty sure Pro and Scorpio will have 60fps option.

Kingthrash360518d ago

Never.. unless the base ps4,xbo can do it.

objdadon518d ago

60fps ain't happening on consoles because of og ps4 and og Xbox one.

KillBill518d ago

To all those talking parity with PS4 and Xbox One on FPS. Sorry but no such requirement for frame parity. MS has already stated even that some Scorpio games will allow added ability to choose greater FPS for some games if the Devs decide to do so.

KillBill518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

@Morganfell - thanks for the link. At first read you see that they did in fact change most everything from the original Blam engine for Halo but if you read down into the slide show you get to a point where they come out with a fascinating discovery of information...

"** Wait a minute … Halo Reach is being developed in parallel and it doesn’t have a
job system. That would be really helpful to take better advantage of the X360’s
computing power.
So, we decided to integrate the whole Tiger engine, such as it was, back into Halo
Reach. This replaced the foundation layer underneath the engine, and enabled us to
use the job system for a few targeted purposes. We ended up converting the
animation system and part of our object physics simulation to use it.
** So this tech shipped 4 years before the rest of Destiny, in 2010!"

...which basically it talks on the fact all that new engine got brought back into Halo Reach. So technically the premise it is the same as Halo engine isn't that far from fact in this aspect of discovery.

freshslicepizza518d ago

Looks like consoles will be locked at 30, they mention PS4 Pro. I imagine Scorpio will also be 30fps but probably native 4k.

Christopher517d ago

Looks like 30fps. Scorpio is undetermined, but I think it unlikely.

I'm surprised they are hitting 4k30fps on Pro and that should make Sony happy since that's what they want out of their machine.

492d ago
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joab777518d ago

Text chat should have been in for Destiny but they always said it wasn't an mmo. I think this gen, especially with PC they should focus on more mmo aspects like social activities etc.

They are taking the PC serious and that's a great sign!

Sono421518d ago

Wow this is great news! Now PC gamers can grind in 4k! and then once they grind for that loot they've been trying to get they can grind for more loot! IN 4K! omg the future is here everyone! BUT WAIT! There's more! When they release the DLC they can buy that so the game can actually have a story and then have 2 new areas to grind in! Omg so hyped for Destiny 2 DLC (aka the complete game)

Sono421518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

Oh I almost forgot to mention the best part! Once the DLC drops all that loot you grinded for becomes basically useless, but don't worry! You have new loot to grind for! Game of the Year confirmed!

steveo123456517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

Or they could stick up the finger and not buy it at all seeing as they didn't release the first one on pc

sinspirit518d ago

I hope to be able to play with console friends with my PC. I have Destiny 1 on PS4. But, I love my ultrawide PC setup. I would assume ranked, or possibly all competitive MP would be limited to the platform you're on though.

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Neonridr518d ago

I wouldn't mind Pro support to some degree for the PS4.

Festano518d ago

That was confirmed on stage by Activision CEO but it was guaranteed anyway, he even thanked Sony...

Neonridr518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

yeah I heard him thanking Sony for donating all the Pro's to play the game on for those in attendance, but I didn't hear him say anything about enhanced visuals for the Pro itself. But good news if true.


Hopefully 1080p and 60, or whatever they can push will be welcomed, maybe 4k-30 too!

KwietStorm518d ago

That was the most obvious promotional statement possible. He said nothing about actual game enhancements like 60fps.

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slate91518d ago

I just want 60fps on my new scorpio!

Neonridr518d ago

60fps for shooters is always welcomed.. especially for the crucible side of things.

Septic518d ago

Only racers can have 60fps?

corroios518d ago


There is a HUGE diference on a racer running at 60 frames and a game like Destiny running at 60 frames and at 4k.

Even for PC the specs will be very high.

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ocelot07518d ago

According to rumours it's 30FPS locked on consoles. With both Sony and Microsoft not allowing an FPS advantage for online multiplayer. We can only guess at this point it will be 30FPS locked on both the Pro and Scorpio. Looks like am getting the PC version.

slate91518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

Unfortunately those rumors might be true. I can see the pros and cons of that clause from the companies. But if I'm shelling out the dough for a scorpio and they wont let me play at 60fps, then I'll just skip the game even though I don't want to.

ocelot07518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

What I don't understand is. Why can't they just do dynamic FPS like Naughty Dog sort of did for Uncharted 4 30FPS single player 60FPS MP.

For single player and co-op 60FPS on Pro and Scorpio. Online PvP 30FPS locked. Still not perfect but better than 30FPS all round. I liked Destiny but hated that it was only 30FPS. I can put up with 30FPS on racing and 3rd person games. For for 1st person min must be 60 to be honest.

I let Destiny 1 slide as it was also available for PS3 and 360. Since this is for PC and PS4 and XB1 only. This should be 60FPS to be honest.

XanderZane518d ago

Wondering if Scorpio will be cross play with the PC version. If that's the case it will probably be 60fps as well.

IceKoldKilla518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

@slate91 Woh! I'd be disappointed too but not get the game just because of 30fps? Overreacting much?

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Alexious518d ago

No chance if the game runs at 30FPS on Xbox One. The CPU isn't that much more powerful.

slate91518d ago

Stop believing forum trolls.

Krysis518d ago

@slate he is a forum troll

FITgamer518d ago

Unfortunately if it's 30fps on PS4 slim/XB1 S, it's going to 30fps on PS4 Pro/Scorpio.

slate91518d ago

That really sucks and pro/scorpio owners are getting shafted.

ocelot07518d ago

This is one game I would accept 720p 60FPS on a normal PS4. Hell I would accept 900p 60FPS on a Pro as long as it's 60FPS.


Should be feasible, maybe not 4k, but 1440p+ 60 should def be a guarantee!

slate91518d ago

Exactly! I dont even want 4k! Just give me 1080p @60fps!

MagicBeanz518d ago

You can have that and more on your PC

slate91518d ago

It's actually you're LOL. Nice one. Im too lazy to add apostrophes and I dont use auto correct because I can use grammar well on my own. Bye now.

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corroios518d ago

The average gamer doesnt have a PC that is capable of running 4k/60 on Destiny 2.

Still i had no problems with the rock solid 30 frames on the first game. I hope graphics also evolve, because last gen machines didnt allow that.

Movefasta1993518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

what does the average gamer have to do with an individual's experience?So i can;t enjoy the game at 4k/60 because there are gamers in this world gaming on low end laptops?Gaming is a selfish/personal hobby,who gives a fuck what res and frames others game at,worry about yourself.

steveo123456518d ago

No but the average 970 owning PC gamer can get 1080/60 which it doesn't look like the consoles will be doing. Deary deary

ShottyatLaw518d ago

I don't care about the 4k part, but the uncapped framerate vs. 30fps on console will seal the deal for me.

starchild517d ago

That's just sour grapes. Who cares if not every PC gamer can run it at the highest quality and framerates? How is that relevant? Does our ability to enjoy the improved graphics on PS4 Pro evaporate just because most PS4 owners doesn't own the Pro version of the PS4? Of course not. And it's no different on PC. I enjoy the quality my PC gives me regardless of how many other people are enjoying the same level of quality.

Allsystemgamer517d ago

And I'll be running it probably at 120fps I'm 1080p.

4K is pointless until frame rates are that stable.

Enjoy your last gen frame rates.

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ccgr518d ago

Will definitely get it o PC