Expect Core i7 to Launch in Week 46

Some of the latest details on Intel's upcoming Core i7 processors indicate that the leading chip maker is planning to release its next-generation processors sometime in the week 46. For the sake of clarity, this means the launch will take place between November 10-16, so you'd better start saving money if you want to pride yourself on owning one of the latest gaming rigs on the market powered by Intel's next-generation technology.

As it turns out, Santa Clara, California-based Intel will be shipping the new Core i7 processors beginning this November, although it will refrain from making an official announcement until sometime in week 46. However, according to recent rumors, Japanese users will be able to acquire one of the new Core i7 chips before all others - in the first days of November. That will supposedly happen because the company is believed to give an earlier green light to its branch in Japan.

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