New 2TB Storage Solutions from SimpleTech: the DuoPro Drive

As the very name of its producer (SimpleTech) says it, things are quite simple and fair with this new line of storage solutions, going by the name of DuoPro Drive. It's time to welcome three dual-hard-drive models that not only boast a whole lot of space but at the same time they come with a very extensive array of connectivity options sworn to integrate in pretty much any setting.

The SimpleTech DuoPro Drive units come in three flavors for now: 1TB, 1.5TB and the biggest one summing up 2TB.

Nevertheless, in case you still think that 2 TB is not enough for your current needs, you'll just have to wait one or two months more, because SimpleTech has already announced the 3TB version of the DuoPro Drive and it is expected to hit the shelves at the beginning of the winter season.

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