TT Gamer: Mercenaries 2 Review

TT Gamer writes: " Last generation in the era of games such as Grand Theft Auto 3, Pandemic and Lucasarts surprised the world with one of the most playable and fun games around in Mercenaries. Players took control of one of a number of bounty hunters and, in a sandbox world, completed missions using some of the most powerful weapons you can get. Considering the game's success, a sequel was inevitable and despite the fact we have had to wait oh so long for it, the fact it has made the jump to the next generation should have been enough to carry the game. The problem is that in the years since Mercenaries first shipped, gaming has changed and expectations have changed, and unfortunately it appears Mercenaries has not.

In the next generation title you take control of one of three mercenaries; A Swedish explosive specialist, a wealthy Asian lady or a brute Englishman. This is the same number from the first game and despite the main characters returning for the new game, this is a bit of a disappointment. Each of the characters have their own storyline and the game does play differently depending on who you choose. For instance, Jennifer Mui can run quickly, while Mattias heals quicker. You would think this would give the game replay value, but the game doesn't change all that much depending on who you choose outside of a few basics."

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