Techware Labs: Abit IX38 Quad GT Motherboard Review

Techware Labs writes: "The Abit IX38 Quad GT uses the enthusiast targeted X38 chipset combined with the ICH9R to bring consumers a whole new level of features and support. Among these are obviously the support for Intel's newest CPU's based on the 65nm and 45nm fabrication process. The X38 chipset also sports support for up to a 1333 FSB, for overclockers this means breaking out those ultra fast DDR2 sticks of ram and hours upon hours of overclocking fun. The X38 additionally supports up to 8GB of total system memory but at a lower speed of 1066 MHz. Following a "Green" concept beccomming popular in Asia, Europe, and even in America, Abit has implemented all digital PWMs and solid state capacitors which should lead to higher efficiency electricity useage of the board.

While the word "Quad" is found in the name of the IX38 Quad GT, do not mistake it for having 4 PCI-E x16 slots as it does not. The board only comes equipped with 2 x16 slots which are crossfire ready. The PCI-E slots on this board are, however, PCI-E 2.0 slots carrying a larger bandwidth and more performance than the last generation 1.0 slots."

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