Marvel Can't Have an Injustice of Their Own, and It's Their Own Fault

DC's Injustice series is a lot more successful than you would think, and many have wondered if Marvel can do the same thing. And they really can't.

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PhoenixUp1230d ago

Does Marvel really need an Injustice of their own when they've been involved with the Marvel vs. Capcom series since its origins in 1994? That iconic crossover franchise's legacy is what inspired Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe which led to Injustice in the first place.

The MvC series has kept a strong presence for a long time at EVO tournaments and for casual players as well. People aren't going to get tired of seeing Marvel characters fighting each other in video games, especially when they're also paired up with and against Capcom characters.

EA tried to make a fighting franchise of their own with Marvel characters with Marvel Nemesis, but that flopped for other reasons.

Sono4211230d ago

I really want the 2 companies to do a collab and make Marvel vs DC omg that would be great!

Jeff2571229d ago

That would be awesome. Take us back to Amalgam Comics. Would be sweet if they gave us the crossover characters like Super Solider, Dark Claw, and Iron Lantern.

CorndogBurglar1229d ago

The logic is totally flawed in this article.

If a fighting game is well made and fun, then people will play it.

Just because Marvel Comics has a lot of stories lately around heroes fighting other heroes does not mean people will be turned off to a Marvel fighting game. In any fighting game you play, you will have fights with good guys fighting good guys, good guys fighting bad guys, and bad guys fighting bad guys. It all comes down to character selection.

4Sh0w1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Exactly. I mean simply put his logic is the DC Superman movie wasn't that good so it HELPED Injustice and the Marvel movies already have everybody fighting each other= So What? Is he actually saying a standalone Marvel fighting game with tons of great characters and kickass fluid fighting system wouldn't sell because of what's in the movies? lol Is this guy serious?

Hardiman1229d ago

His reasons were pretty silly. It would sell and sell well.

chrisx1230d ago

An injustice style marvel game would be really cool its a shame there's none

Activemessiah1230d ago

Well.. they have "What If"... or the Ultimates... or "insert name" Vs the Marvel Universe...

TheOttomatic911230d ago

Uh not sure if they need one with all the hype Marvel vs Capcom gets.

Dark_Knightmare21230d ago

I haven't really seen much hype for marvel vs Capcom infinite

LAWSON721230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Yeah and the hype for Injustice a game that just came out seems to be insane /s

I think I have seen more hype for Tekken lol

lizard812881229d ago

True, but there hasn't been much info released either. I guess Capcom is waiting for E3. IIRC, since last year, there has only been 2 trailers. The first teaser trailer, and the story trailer.

LAWSON721230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

I don't know how MvC does not count.

Personally MvC>Injustice, and it has quite a legacy spanning many years remaining quite relevant and popular. Not really a huge fighting fan but I was a big fan of what I played of MvC3.

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The story is too old to be commented.