No Halo or Gears of War This Year Spells Opportunity For Microsoft

Gameumentary: The news that there will be no mainline Halo entry this year may be disappointing to some, but I think it’s a great opportunity for Microsoft to work on shifting their branding away from franchises that lack the same luster they once held.

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Gaming4Life1981517d ago

I wanted to see halo 6 but I'm in no rush. I agree with no halo or gears at e3 this give ME the opportunity to show off new games and franchises this year. Hopefully they show a new crimson skies, all the request for that game they just have to be working on it.

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XXanderXX517d ago

That's good and all but I hope the times is used to Push 1st & 2nd party games not 3rdy party games with lame timed windows of exclusivity .

rainslacker516d ago

Wouldn't they have the opportunity to do that even if they had Halo or gears at E3? it's not like one game has to take all focus.

tyasia0517d ago

So... Not having any big name releases to go with the launch of your new console is a good thing... gotcha.


PlayableGamez-517d ago

Even if they did all you would say is just another new Halo and gears

Rimeskeem517d ago

Why can't they have both Halo, Gears, and new IPs.

We know it's possible cause their competition does it.

PlayableGamez-517d ago

@Rimeskeen because everyone has been begging MS not to shoehorn in another halo and or gears this holiday. You can't have your cake and eat to bro. Make up your mind.

DiRtY516d ago

Another comment tyasia0 made:

"Oh boy now we can look forward to more Halo, Gears and Forza games!

Since Microsoft lacks creativity I volunteer to suggest games.

How about Halo: Horizon Gears: Horizon and Forza: Wars"

As if MS could do anything that will please him. Fanboys will be Fanboys, Haters gonna hate.

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AngelicIceDiamond517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

How do you figure that? Wasn't having Halo Gears the issue?

slate91517d ago

Well before it was just Halo Gears Forza...rinse repeat. Now they need to complain about something different since Xbox is trying to change that.

bluefox755517d ago

No, the was ONLY having Halo and Gears.

Rude-ro517d ago

@slate part of your comment is true...
The trying to change part is yet to be seen.,, for several years.
Halo next year, gears after that and crackdown will be the new "fable". Put money on it.

DillyDilly517d ago

Damned if they do damned if they dont go to a Sony news article

aconnellan517d ago

Sony fans: "MS needs to show games other than Halo, Gears, and Forza!!!"

MS: Won't be showing Halo/Gears this year so they can focus on other games

Sony fans: "I can't believe they're not showing their two biggest franchises, Xbox is doomed!!!"

gangsta_red517d ago

I would think this was apart of some stand-up comedy routine if it wasn't actually true.

freshslicepizza516d ago

"So... Not having any big name releases to go with the launch of your new console is a good thing... gotcha."

Actually you have nothing because if it was led by Halo you would no doubt say is that all they have, or why do they keep recycling the same IP's. Regardless we know either way you won't say anything positive. This to me speaks more about confidence in what they are going to show.

EatCrow516d ago

New console? Since when. Im confused...was the pro a new console? What released immediately with the pro and exclusive to the pro?

rainslacker516d ago

Chances are they have at least one big IP ready to release with Scorpio. Likely something they held over from X1 release to bolster the Scorpio release.

Gaming4Life1981516d ago

It's not a new console it's a upgraded Xbox one like ps4 pro and what did ps4 pro have at it's launch?

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Nu517d ago

It's possible they're bluffing and do show something Gears or Halo related.

Rude-ro517d ago

Hopefully Phil does not show off a game that wil not be out soon... per his own words, he does not like that.
But yes, teasers will be a lot of the e3

lodossrage517d ago

Halo did come out this year. Didn't Halo Wars 2 come out 2 months ago? If you want to say "no Halo/ Gears for the holday season", then that's fine. But the Halo brand already came this year with Halo Wars 2

PockyKing517d ago

It's clarified in the article that there's no mainline Halo entry this year.

4Sh0w517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

2 totally different games though. Halo Wars only shares the name with Halo, gameplay isn't even in the same genre.

4Sh0w517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

Welkin so what????= If you read the story it already states it's not a >>>mainline Halo game so why would he need to say "Halo did come out this year", therefore my response was correct.

lodossrage517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

Guys, not being a "mainline game" or different genre is semantic. If it carries the Halo name, then a Halo game came out.

When Forza mainline and Horizon alternate years, we still say Forza comes out every year don't we? We can't pick and choose how we call things here fellas. If it bears the name, it's countable.

True or False: Did Halo Wars 2 came out in 2017 Answer- True

True or False: Are we still in the calander year of 2017 Answer True.

So mainline or not, as I stated already Halo came out this year

4Sh0w517d ago (Edited 517d ago )


You are correct about it being a "Halo game", but you are also totally missing the point. When somone says I dont like chocolate milk, they already know its milk, what they are conveying is that chocolate milk has a different taste than regular milk and they dont like that flavor. There really is NO NEED to correct them by saying "bu, but its still milk" BECAUSE they never said it wasnt milk. This is what I pointed out above the author isnt saying a "Halo game" didnt release this year, he said a "mainline" Halo game didnt release which is correct. Reading comprehension.

I appreciate the replies but ahhh well it's not worth any further debate so I'll just leave it at that, Thanks.

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KwietStorm517d ago

"Guys, not being a "mainline game" or different genre is semantic. If it carries the Halo name, then a Halo game came out."

There is nothing semantic about it. You didn't even have to click the link to see that it says mainline Halo entry. Therefore, that's what's being talked about. You can't just change the topic of a discussion because you want to argue a moot point.

lodossrage517d ago


You can call it a moot point all you want. But when we go down game release dates by the year, history is going to say "Halo Wars 2" released February 2017.

Yohshida517d ago

My guess:

They want Crackdown 3 to have all the spotlight this E3, it will be the game they promised it to be and market the sht out of it. Plus Sea of Thieves, if done right, can be the next big Streaming Game like Player Unknowns Battlegrounds is right now. It takes the parts out of PULSAR that are fun like a crew working together and everyone having a role and mixes it with Pirates and MMO features.
State of Decay 2 also is on track to be another successful Survival game with the polish, most of those games are missing. Coming out with a solid Zombie Survival Game with MP that isn't bug filled is a HUGE win.
Plus new announcements that want that are fighting for their own spotlight.

At least trolls can't say all we see is Gears and Halo this E3.

Lime123516d ago

Crackdown 2 was hot garbage (metascore 70), Sea of Thieves is made by Rare so not looking good, State of Decay had metascore below 80. Anything else?

Yohshida516d ago

Gt once was a good series, doesn't mean sport is good. In fact, its on track to be the worst in the series.
Killzone was horrible, yet horizon was good.
Don't see your point.

Crackdown 2 released 7 years ago by another team
Sea of Thieves is the game Rare wanted to make and not a Kinect title
State of Decay scored 80 with all the bugs, glichtes and flaws the game had, which were a lot. A small indie Studio grew into a big one, thanks to its success.

But of course you don't care about that since its not called sony.

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