20 Most Disappointing Games of This Generation So Far

Some of these are bad, some of them just failed to meet crazy high expectations, but they are all disappointing games in one way or another.

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Freedomland1497d ago

For me GOW 4. Actually I was waiting for gruesome, horrifying and exciting masterpiece but it proved to be a generic, monotonous and dull FPS for me.

DragonDDark1497d ago

GoW4 isn't an FPS dude...

InTheLab1497d ago

It's also GeoW4 . GoW4 comes out next next year 🤔

naruga1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

@article ..ok the list started well ..then i saw TLG there ...Wtf?? ....a game that oozes from quality, a near Game of the year contender ..and here is listed as a disapointment ....clueless idiotic people go play a game before 2006 were games werent simple online garbages for retards and you ill understand

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Yohshida1497d ago

I know right? Just like that RTS called Forza 6. Damn, I hate those games. MS even came out with the dating sim named Halo 5.

XanderZane1497d ago

Gears of War 4 was fine for me compared to the other disasters on the list. probably the 5 worst games on the list are:
1. No Man's Sky
2. The Order 1886
3. ReCore
4. Dead Rising 4
5. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5

Some games like The Last Guardian, Destiny, Halo 5 & Gears 4 shouldn't even be on the list.

dumahim1497d ago

I'm shocked Dragon Age Inquisition was on there. I did pick it up a bit later, but I never really heard mixed thoughts on it.

XanderZane1496d ago

I actually enjoyed Dragon Age Inquisition for what it was worth. It wasn't perfect, but I could easily find other worse games to replace it on this list.

Erik73571497d ago

No man sky should be higher up this list

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MunchMiller001497d ago

Microsoft, EA, Activision, and Ubisoft. What a shock. The mass creators of digital vomit.

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Patriot4Life1497d ago

You do realize that the most played games on both the PS and XB are from Activision, EA and Ubisoft.

aaronaton1497d ago

Yeh and sheep are retarded...Whats your point?

Rachel_Alucard1497d ago

And you know a crappy chick-flick is sitting at #2 at the box office with a 37% rotten tomato score made $19,542,248?

Rambokind1497d ago

If you're a Patriot's fan, then you should also know that cheaters do win sometimes.

corroios1497d ago

Sorry but The Last Guardian isnt.

The biggest Disappointing of This Generation is the lack of new I.P. and broken games at launch, tryng to sell old games as new ones and so on.

Deep-throat1497d ago

Have you played Titanfall, Bloodborne, Nioh or For Honor? Awesome new IPs.

morganfell1497d ago

I'll give you a star on all of them except For Honor. Titanfall 2 is so underrated it is ridiculous. And that's just the SP Campaign.

DaFeelz1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Titanfall is not underrated, critically it was well received, but it is most certainly under appreciated. An excellent game, sent out to die, by a poor choice in a release date.

buttcheeks1497d ago

There has been a few good new IP this gen but not a lot from major publishers like dead space , mass effect, BioShock, skate etc etc games that shake things up from the previous gen

Imalwaysright1497d ago

Right there with you on the broken games and personally I would have to say the continuous stagnation of AAA games. The only AAA game that to me truly is next gen and inovated is Shadow of Mordor with its awesome Nemesis system and I'm surprised that that awesome mechanic wasn't borrowed by other studios.

InTheLab1497d ago

I know the game is beloved here on N4g but I couldn't bring myself to pay money for the Order. Reading about it before it released had me pumped. Reading about it after release was something else all together...

CocoaBrother1497d ago

The game is graphically amazing but in my opinion, it was dull and way too short. I beat the game in 5 hours and even 100% in that time.

I do think a sequel can do it some justice, similar to the sequels of Assassin's Creed and Watch_Dogs being better than the original.

GTgamer1497d ago

The order is my biggest disappointment it hurts because I could see the potential

ShwaaMan1497d ago

The Order had so much potential. It had that co-op Gears of War feeling(but better) from the trailers and it is not what I expected. No co-op, no character progression, no replay value etc... it basically had none of the things I thought it would from the trailers... besides really cool graphics.
I'm hopeful they give the series EIN more chance to pull off an Assassins Creed 2(still arguably the best in the series along with Black Flag, those two stand apart).

callahan091496d ago

I would place the Order as my biggest disappointment as well. I even bought the big collector's edition with the statue because I was a fan of the developer's PSP games, and I thought it looked awesome, but it was just not very fun. There were far too many cutscenes and too much exposition but I didn't find the story to be very well-told or interesting, and the gameplay seemed like an afterthought and it was too broken up with interruptions for the mediocre story. It was a struggle to get to the end for me, personally. I even liked Knack haha, but The Order just didn't do it for me.

ocelot071497d ago

I completed The Order in about 3 hours and about 5 hours in total to get the platinum trophy. The single player was decent and the gameplay was ok. But I was disappointed because it was so short. I really got into the story and then it just ended. I wanted more I can only hope a sequel will release some day.

morganfell1497d ago

I played through The Order and platinumed it. I took my time to explore everything, read everything. I consider myself a decently skilled gamer. There is no way that was done in 5 hours.

We would all like great games to be longer. But the story was so well handled and fused with history (long time fan of the Rani of Jhansi), the combat was tight, the characters interesting, and yes it was a graphical powerhouse. It remains for me one of the best titles of this generation.

What The Order did suffer from was what I call the Heavenly Sword effect. This is a reference to what occurred with Heavenly Sword. HS was a game formerly in development for the Xbox. Redmond dropped it, and Sony stepped in. When the game arrived Ninja Theory had pushed the envelope in several areas, particularly performance capture with the help and direction of Andy Serkis. But all anyone could say was the game was linear (as if that is a mortal sin) and the game was terribly short. There were claims of 4 hours in some cases. I actually timed myself and easily hit double digits. Since then, the short linear tag seems to be a method of propaganda for dealing with titles certain persons view as a threat.

CocoaBrother1497d ago

I know how fast I beat the game cause I did it all in one sitting. 7am-12pm April 19th. How do I know exactly? Cause I'm looking at my PSNProfile and it tracks when I started and completed the game. 4 hours and 25 minutes according to trophy tracking.

Games don't take my long personally. Digimon: Cyber Sleuth also comes to mind. People were saying it took them 100 hours to 100%. Took me 65. How fast a person completes a game varies from person to person; don't say you know for a fact I didn't do it.

morganfell1497d ago

When I see an animal that looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, I call that animal a duck. So yes, I am saying it.

Playing a game for enjoyment and seeing how fast you can get through it are two different things.

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morganfell1497d ago

I gather you are one of those individuals that believes a great story can't be told well or engagingly without a sleight of hand. It is an erred assumption that a plot twist is integral to great storytelling.

gbsrnctaln1497d ago

The Order took me well over 10 hours...probably closer to 15. I enjoyed every minute of it. Dying for a sequel!

InTheLab1497d ago

Problem here is HS had great action, amazing bosses, and interesting mechanics at the time. The Order seemingly has none of that. I'm fine with the short run time but I played HS at least 4 times through and surely would have platinumed it if that existed back then.

I look at the order and even the good reviews turn me off. While I'm sure it doesn't deserve the 4s and 5s it received, I still refuse to buy it because I know disappointment awaits.

Now if it comes to ps plus, I'll download it and try it but as of now, I'm won't pay a dime for it.

morganfell1497d ago

Read all the reviews you want. After all those have a real history of being on point. If you didn't play it then the fact is you don't know.

I guess it never occurred to some people that gamers didn't just defend The Order because it is a Sony title but instead because it is great gaming. Yet they will believe reviews that have demonstrated time and again they are about as accurate as a 20 year old Daisy air rifle.

rainslacker1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

I can maybe see you rushing through it, skipping cut scenes, and just spamming your way through fights and getting through it in five hours.

But if you actually took some time to experience the game, and what it had to offer, you wouldn't have done it in 5 hours.

My first run through was about 10 hours or so. Took another couple hours to get the plat. I'd consider it short, but 5 hours is just you rushing through the game. If that's the case, then it's understandable why you have such poor feelings about it.


I woudn't say it was a great game. It's an average game. It had some flaws, and it was so obviously unfinished and probably Sony put a code lock on it to get it out the door. It was defended against those who made it out to be one of the worst games ever made, which is fair, because it isn't. The mechanics which were there were solid, the story was good, the presentation was phenominal. The lack of variety in enemies, and not enough to do outside the campaign and lack of actual real intersting boss battles though certainly keep it from great status. The game play that was great, the graphics were great, the story was really good(maybe even great), but the actual full delivered package is average.

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corroios1497d ago

Dude, just play the game. Its very cheap. The main problem its very, very, very short. Still it got amazing animation, guns and graphics. But i wish it was bigger and had somekind of co-op.

But it runs without any problem and doesnt need a 10 gigas patch.

BlackTar1871497d ago

it's like $3 on PSN right now.

zivtheawesome1497d ago

i think that the deal is off already. i bought it though. still played like 20 minutes of it so can't say anything so far about it.

Yui_Suzumiya1497d ago

It took me about 8 or 9 hours to beat and I didn't get the platinum in that time so I don't understand what everyone is talking about. Now I got the platinum for Fallout 4 about 3 weeks after launch.

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InMyOpinion1497d ago

Pretty good list but I don't agree with ME Andromeda. The Division and Destiny were solid games but with really lacking end games. I also enjoyed The Order 1886 a lot. For what it was it was damn good, people just had insane expectations.

blackblades1497d ago

Yeah I enjoyed the order as well and wishing for a sequel. Mirror's Edge and thief isn't a disappointment either for me but hey opinions are opinions.