New Call of Duty 3 Details

According to a recent article in EGM, Treyarch is focused on crafting immersive environments, adding new effects like:

- Interactive foliage (e.g. grass remains flattened when walked over)
- Scorch marks left from grenades
- Surface-specific reactions to bullets
- Destructible cover
- Wind-altered smoke (from smoke grenades)
- Smoke clinging to tanks
- Bullets manipulating smoke clouds

PS360PCROCKS6201d ago

This is great for gaming, see I look at the games for cool graphics, but the little things make me think it's cool, like in test drive, I love seeing the electrical wires sway and grass, tree branches sway and the shadows show that as well. Not to mention, the cotton in the air blowing around, and the butterflies, the realism of the environment is what impresses me, not how nice some guys pores look.

ps3willrule6201d ago

well thank god there thinking about doing it CELL only is the best physics processor to date and resitance fall of man is supposed to b loaded with physics applications...
lol it kills me this is next gen gaming and all the features that there trying to say here that there developing shouldn't b features they should b standards in gaming now even for 360 it doesn't have the power of cell but it can still pull off impressive phisics.....the point of this post is just to say that the features should b standards and they should b thinkin of more revolutionary things in terms of player immersion and gameplay...what i don't know thats there job but to try and hype walking on grass crap and cover getting wrecked thats happening in resistance stranglehold and in alot of ps3 games and yes 360 point is they should bthinkin of some other things just my thought.

PS360PCROCKS6201d ago

yeah but atleast their thinking of other things...that's the good thing, their thinking of ways to make games better, and better is always good for the consumer...

Kaioshen6201d ago

This is awesome news, I hope they really step it up and make it better than their previous attempts (which looks like their doing right now). Maybe it'll even be better than COD2.


but what hes saying like i have playstation 2 games that have mass destructive like Red faction the first one. that was revolutionary. why would implementing grass to stay down when walked be amazing to change the way we think and play games.............. but yea its still cool........... but if you no what i mean

PS360PCROCKS6201d ago

to fully show what a real battlefield looks like after it's been runned, gunned, and blown up? I would assume that would be the reasoning behind this


this game is cross-platform.

i can't wait, COD2 is my favourite online game

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